New believers. New disciples. New churches. When God's Word is planted and takes root, lives change and His Kingdom grows.

For 75 years, Bible League International has been Planting God’s Word so People Meet Jesus. Bible League provides access to the Word of God in ways that ensure it is nurtured and produces a bountiful spiritual harvest.

Bible League comes alongside local churches and ministries to equip them for Bible-based evangelistic outreach, discipleship, and church planting. Bible League helps to grow God's Kingdom across the globe through Bible translation, Bible-based literacy, Bible learning programs, and building the Church.

Bible Access and Translation

In most places where Bible League serves, people have very limited access to the Scriptures because of persecution, poverty, or limited ability to read. Bible League translates and publishes Scriptures in everyday language, making the Truth of God available to all. Many Bible League Scripture materials are available in more than 30 languages, with additional translations underway.

Bible-based Literacy

For those who can not read, the Bible is a closed book. Bible-based literacy programs present the life-transforming Word of God to the less-educated, poor, and marginalized, helping them meet Jesus while working toward a better future through learning to read.

Bible Learning

Bible League provides materials and training to churches so they can help believers study the Scriptures and share the Gospel with the unreached. Through programs like Project Philip, churches learn to plant the Word of God so that it can take root and change lives, families, and communities.

Building the Church

As the Scriptures take root in communities, Bible League helps congregations learn how to establish new churches. Christian leaders called by God and sent out from the local church are equipped through extensive training programs in evangelism, discipleship, membership, leadership, and worship.