Addicted, alone and sad, a son finds his way from the street to God’s Kingdom thanks to his mother’s prayers. His mother’s prayers and tireless love were the conduit to Raul’s salvation from the mean streets of Colombia. Raul was a sad, but unfortunately not unusual, young Colombian man. He left home as a teenager and had become nothing more than a slave to his vices and to sin. He was a petty criminal, a drunk and a drug addict. Scarred by the violence of his country and his addictions. “I was wrapped up in a life of alcohol and drugs,” says Raul, “It promised fulfillment but it was a lie. When the parties ended, I was left with sadness in my heart.” Raul’s mother knew her son was in pain and she lifted him up to Jesus Christ every day with her mother’s prayers for his salavation.

A mother's prayer

While living an empty existence on the streets, Raul was unaware his mom was constantly praying for his salvation. He was unaware that God would soon answer those prayers.

Then, it happened. Coming out of a three-day alcohol-induced stupor, Raul had no money, and no joy. “It was six o’clock in the morning when I arrived at my mother’s house,” he says. “I knocked on the door, and she opened it. The first thing I saw in her eyes was that she had been crying. She said she was praying for me all night. Then she asked, ‘How long will you continue in this life?’”

Although Raul did not fully understand, God was changing his cold heart. “My mother explained to me that Christ loved me. It was that day God began healing me. It was that day I received Jesus Christ.”

Wandering with a purpose

God’s Word promises in Psalm 102:17, that “He will respond to the prayer of the destitute; he will not despise their plea.” Today, Raul is grateful for the Lord’s leading in his life, and for the prayers of his mother. “As I get to know Christ more, I recognize in my heart the need to live for God, and not for the world. I am saved because of an underserved love Jesus gave me on the cross.”

Raul received discipleship training from Bible League International. He engages the poor and desperate in the study of God’s Word. Raul’s passion for saving his fellow Colombians through Jesus Christ is the answer to many other mothers prayers, as he works tirelessly to save their sons and daughters. He is breaking out of the darkness of Colombia’s street life, and shining Christ’s light to lead the way to salvation.

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