Akses™ (pronounced "access") Digital Bible Libraries bring local language Scripture into closed, restricted, and poor nations. We go beyond the ordinary frontiers of outreach to sow the seed of the Gospel in some of the most difficult places on earth.

We bring Akses™ Digital Bible Libraries into countries that we can't name here because of the dangers even that would pose to believers. You can provide God's Word to a growing number of believers in the world's most anti-Christian nations.

Akses™ Digital Bible Libraries securely provide eBook Bibles, Gospel videos, audio Scriptures, worship music, and discipleship material. Our Easy-to-Read™ Bibles are among the resources in each Akses™ Digital Bible Library. This means that the first Bible people receive is one they can understand. We also feature special video and audio Gospel presentations for children and young people.

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Three libraries are complete; two are reaching deep into Muslim lands. The other is reaching China, where God's Church is adding more than 20,000 new believers each day. Because our Akses™ Digital Bible Library is free, Christians may freely duplicate and share it with others on laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, and mp3 players.

Right now, Bible League International is developing more Akses™ Digital Bible Libraries to reach more of a world in need of God's Word. With your help, we'll have libraries available in 20 languages within the next two years.

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