A Bible of Her Own

Mucha, 38, has known quite a bit of sorrow in her life. She grew up with six brothers and sisters in Mutsvene, a small village in Zimbabwe. "My parents worked very hard to put food on the table," she explains. "After my father died, my mother, my brothers and sisters and I struggled mightily." Like many of the young women in her village, she got married very young and is now the mother of five children. Sadly, her husband suddenly got very ill, and died. "I felt very depressed. My children and I had to work in other people's fields to raise the money we needed to cover our basic needs," she says somberly.

One of her neighbors invited her to church at the time a Project Philip Bible study was just starting up. "My friend encouraged me to attend these Bible studies. The very first day, I was able to participate in discussions about different topics in the Bible. I really enjoyed it," she beams. "The Scriptures quoted in each of the lessons really helped lay a good Christian foundation for those who study them. Even though I was raised in a Christian family, I never had an opportunity to study the Bible because we did not have one. Participating in Project Philip Bible studies has brought joy back into my life."

Mucha says her faith has been restored. She puts it this way, "Even though I have been through some difficult times, I now know that God is always there for me." Her voice cracks as she continues, "I was distressed in my life, but after asking God for forgiveness, I feel relief from all of the pain I was feeling. I am so grateful to have the Word of God, to have a Bible of my very own. I can share it with my friends and family and read it anytime I need spiritual help.

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