A Bright Future

Young believer grows through Project Philip in Zimbabwe

February 17, 2020

Bright is an 18-year-old Project Philip student in Zimbabwe.

When she was in fifth grade, Bright’s parents received Christ and her entire life changed. Today, this 18-year-old from Zimbabwe remembers how her parents were finally able to build a house, the same one she lives in today. She accepted Christ a few years later and has fond memories of discussing the Word of God as a family.

Today, she is involved with a ministry which uses Project Philip Bible studies. Bright was eager to participate. “I felt a hunger for the Word of God,” she says. “I longed to partake in the inheritance offered to us in the Word.”

Bright’s faith has deepened. Overall, she has seen a drastic change in her life, so much so that people around her have taken notice. “Participating in these Project Philip Bible studies has helped renew my spirit and opened my eyes to see the foolishness of things I took for granted in my life,” she reflects. “Bible League materials are very useful to anyone who studies them. The booklet helped me grow spiritually and put God first in my life.”

But the Project Philip Bible study did more than change her faith. It also provided her an essential tool for her ministry: her very own Bible.

“I now own my personal copy of the Bible that I can read or use to minister to other people,” she says. “Now, I quote Scripture in my prayers. I have learned to be obedient, faithful, loving, and forgiving, to mention just a few,” she says. “Reading the Word of God has become part of my lifestyle.”

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