A Child's New Faith

A Child's New Faith

Sounds of laughter and singing filled the air one recent Sunday morning as 13-year-old Konika walked down the street of her small village in southern Bangladesh. She wondered what all this happy noise could be about and decided to find out.

As she peeped through the door of the nearby building, Konika could see a large group of children following the instructions of their teacher as they sang and danced. The teacher noticed the curious young girl and waved for her to join them inside.

"I'm so glad to hear about Jesus and to know that Jesus loves children!"

Konika says, "I was reluctant at first, but there were children of my age, so I decided to go in." After the songs, the teacher, who is also the pastor, welcomed her to the Sunday school and began reading stories from the Bible using a Project Philip Bible study for children. "I loved the songs and the stories from the Bible," Konika says with a smile.

Since then, she has been going to the Sunday school every week. Thankfully, her parents don't restrict her from going. In fact, they're encouraged by the change they see in their daughter. She is listening to them more and fighting less with her six siblings.

Konika is grateful for what she is learning through God's Word. She notes, "I can see how Jesus has changed me since coming to know Him. My teacher has taught us to pray and to memorize Bible verses. I'm so glad to hear about Jesus and to know that Jesus loves children!"

Please pray for Konika's faith to grow strong. Pray, too, for her life to be an instrument of God's message of love and truth in her parents' lives.

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