A Christmas Healing

December 19, 2019

Qristine of the in Zoravan village in Armenia.

My name is Qristine and I am 21 years old. I live in Zoravan village in Armenia. For me, Christmas is a unique holiday. I had a special experience with God on this day. I was a believer, but I didn’t feel confident that I understood the Bible. I often asked myself, what is the meaning of Christmas?

My faith was tested when my mother got sick. It became difficult for her to take care of three children so we went to live with our grandmother. She was a true believer who belonged to a local church and took us with her to church services. I liked the church. I enjoyed singing the Christian songs. Being raised in that wonderful spiritual environment changed many things for me. But even though I visited church services frequently, I did not understand many things about God’s Word or the Christian faith.

We went back to live with my parents, but my mother’s sickness became worse. My father spent all the money for medicines and treatments for my mother. We had no money for Christmas shopping. My parents were involved in agriculture and gardening, and they don’t bring in much money. It was very difficult to even set a good Christmas table that year.

By this time, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and spent most of her time in bed. I felt awful about my mom, and some friends of mine invited me to a church program for teens. I agreed and became a regular participant of a Project Philip Bible study. I learned so many useful things. My mother’s situation got worse, so I asked my pastor for help. He was very kind to me, and I was just amazed at his answer. Once the members of the church started praying for her, something very special happened. God heard their prayers and my mother’s condition got better.

My happiness was doubled, and I was amazed when I knew that my mother was healed by God’s miracle—and it happened at Christmas time. Even though I was involved in a Bible study group, I still had a lot of unanswered questions. But the overwhelming support I experienced helped me understand the true spirit of Christmas. That day my heart was filled with a new joy. I learned the meaning of Christmas and how Christians should celebrate it. I learned it through my Project Philip Bible study. I now understood why Jesus came to earth. So, as my church celebrated the holiday the year my mother was sick, Christmas became a special day for me. I realized the true meaning of it. Christmas became a day for me to share the Gospel to the many people who were invited to Christmas service.

I am so thankful to Bible League for its programs and booklets. I take part in regular meetings held there, where we study and discuss the Bible and the Bible study booklets together. I want to thank all the people at Bible League who support our nation. You help us to know Christ and the Word of God deeply. God changes people through His Word.

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