Couple Finds Jesus Together

For many families in Zambia, getting an education wasn't an option for the children because their parents simply could not afford school fees. Judith, now 38 years old, said she spent much of her childhood with her six brothers and sisters learning how to farm. "I was raised in a home where I did not go to school, and I did not go to church," she says. "I did not know anything about Jesus Christ."

She later married a man who had the same type of upbringing, and they worked together as farmers. They grew many crops, and when the rain allowed a good harvest, they sold in the marketplaces in Chongwe, an eastern area of Zambia. She says their life together had been a pretty routine one, but that all changed when one of her brothers came for a visit. "My brother had become a believer! He came into my house worshipping and praising the Lord," she says. "He was so happy about his new life in Christ, and asked us why weren't going to church. We had no answer to give him. He explained that he was leading a Project Philip Bible study, and invited us to come," she says. "My husband and I went to his church and the training touched us. It fulfilled our heart's desire, and we are no longer the same. Our lives have changed, and it is a total transformation I must say."

Judith says attending the Project Philip Bible study and receiving a Bible of her own has changed the direction of her life. She and her husband now work together as a team. "Once we finished the lessons, we started a Bible study group in our own home," she beams. "I belong to Jesus Christ now, and my marriage is now built on Him. You equipped us with the Word of God. To God be the glory!" she exclaims.

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