A Dream Come True

She dreamed of going to school, learning to read, and one day becoming a teacher, but a childhood eye affliction seemed to end those ideas. By the time Namita received treatment, it was too late for primary education, and her family's poverty offered her little hope for more than a life of labor for scant wages.

She married young, and welcomed two children. Her husband, a farmer, learned of Namita's childhood dreams, and said if she ever had the opportunity to learn to read that she should do so. But their poverty kept her busy with menial labor and helping neighbors with chores.

"In the factory where I worked, a friend and I were talking about my life and I was complaining, so he invited me to a church meeting that week. It was Project Philip Bible study. I can honestly say that this meeting was the first time in my life that I felt people cared about me," Mici confesses.

And then it happened- a Bible-based Literacy class was offered in this poor village, and Namita signed-up without hesitation. Along with 15 others, Namita began to learn to read and write, and soon discovered how God's Word could truly change her life.

I never expected that at this age I would be able to read and write. This literacy ministry changed my knowledge and belief," she says.

Today, Namita reads the Bible she received during her Bible-based Literacy class, and she is so thankful. "This is my dream come true," she confesses.

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