A Family Finds Hope

In Armenia, most boys join the army once they turn 18, and Elmira's brother was no exception. Elmira lives with her family in Armenia's Armavir region. "We were proud that he took the opportunity to protect our homeland, but my parents worried about him," she says. Elmira noticed the change in her family once her brother became a soldier.

"Although my parents believed in God, they began to seek out fortune tellers because of their fear for my brother. This even involved the practice of witchcraft on some occasions," Elmira says somberly.

Her aunt is a believer, and she would come over often to encourage the family. "The words of my aunt were very encouraging," Elmira exclaims. "My mother was stressed out about my brother because he got very sick. My aunt came over with her pastor and his wife, and they prayed for my brother." The pastor explained who Jesus is, and invited them to be a part of Project Philip Bible studies at his church.

"I had some hope in my heart after learning that Jesus came into the world to save us, and that we can trust Him for everything," she beams. "My mother and I accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and we received full deliverance from the occult binding of our past."

Elmira has since become very active in the church, and reports the Project Philip Bible study group is still going strong. "A boy in my group fell in love with me, and asked me to marry him! I thank God that He changed my life and gave me a husband, and I love Jesus who gives me peace and joy. Thank you for providing the Word of God that helped me and my family get to know Jesus better. May He continue to help others as you have helped us. God bless you!

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