A Family Transformed

She was raised in a family that called themselves Christian, "but I never heard the Gospel before," she says. Her name is Kijury and today she's 18-years-old. She lives in Jaffna, the capital city of Sri Lanka, with its Hindu majority and some traditional Christians living among those who follow village deities.

"Last year a Christian believer shared a book with me," Kijury remembers, "and invited me to a Bible study." This Bible study is part of the Philip Church™ ministry- planting churches in Sri Lanka where they are needed most.

"I learned about Christian faith and I received a Bible in Tamil --- my language--- to read for myself. This was the first time in my life I had a Bible to read, and it was my own," Kijury says with a smile. As she read and studied in this Bible study, she learned about Jesus. "The leader told us about Jesus Christ and how Jesus died for us, and I accepted Jesus," Kijury says.

Next, her family started to attend the Bible study, "my whole family," she says, "my parents, my two sisters and two brothers. We learned the Gospel together and they accepted Christ too. Today we attend church together, and I'm so thankful to Bible League International for this ministry."

Kijury's story illustrates how important it is to provide God's Word in a way that is understandable and with the encouragement of believers to help first-time readers to believe the Gospel. "It led us to believe in Jesus Christ and changed our lives," Kijury says.

Today there are 10 Bible study groups meeting in Jaffna, led by believers planting churches in the capital of Sri Lanka- in places where there were no churches just months ago.

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