A Fire to Serve God

Husband and wife are church planting team

May 11, 2020

Hasmik and her husband plan to plant a church.

Hasmik is 41 years old and lives in Armenia’s Lori Region. She is married with four children and is one of many whose lives were severely impacted after a major earthquake during her childhood. She explains, “My happy childhood came to an end with the earthquake. Our city was destroyed, we lost some of our relatives, and my father lost his business. My mother was always in tears; my father was full of stress.” She says Christians had come to her home then to talk about Jesus, but she was not listening. She shares, “I never paid any attention because I thought they were talking stupid things. I was hopeless and felt that life meant nothing to me.”

This all changed when she met her husband, a believer. He asked her a life-changing question after their first child was born. He asked her, ‘What would you do if you would meet the Lord now?’ Hasmik says this really got to her. She reflects, “His question made me think deep and reminded me of my childhood, the earthquake, all the pain and sorrow, and I realized that I needed God's help. I needed Jesus Christ!”

Not long after this, her local church offered Church Planter Training. Her husband wanted to follow the Lord’s call on his life to serve Him, and Hasmik wanted to help her husband. “I didn't know much about the Bible,” she says. “I felt I should help him in the ministry. It was wonderful to come together, to pray together, to study together during Church Planter Training. This training was amazing.”

Right now, she and her husband are planning to start a church in their community. She beams, “We are very happy to serve the Lord with these spiritual tools. I can assure you that as Christians in Armenia, we need help and resources. May God bless all those people who had a heart to help us!”

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