A First Bible

Jos Snoep - The President's Blog

They read the Book of the Law of God. They made it easy to understand, and explained what it meant. They did this so that the people could understand what was being read. Nehemiah 8:8 ERV

Imagine that you have never heard, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” or “For God so loved the world…,” or “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” Imagine you have never read a Bible, maybe never held one in your hands. Or you may have tried to understand what the Bible says, but it just doesn’t make sense to you. Or, even if you’ve heard of the Bible, imagine that you would never be able to afford one for yourself because it costs a week’s or a month’s wages.

For a rapidly increasing number of people throughout the world, this is real—they don’t have to imagine life without a Bible they can read, understand, and believe.

More than one-half the population of the developing world—the world of the poor, under-educated, and isolated—is under age 30. They are exploited by religious and political majorities openly opposed to Christian faith and held in the grips of systemic poverty—denying them and the under-resourced churches in their areas access to God’s Word.

Their best and only hope for new life is found in God’s Word, and this is the mission we face together today—providing God’s Word to those who could never afford the cost of a Bible or have access to God’s Word in a way they can understand and believe.

As it was for the ancient Israelites in the days of Ezra when he read from God’s Word and “made it easy to understand,” so today through Project Philip Bible studies using the Easy-to-Read translation, lives are transformed when people can understand God’s Word.

I just heard from a young woman—a refugee from a country in the Middle East—who was searching, trying to learn about Christian faith. “This is the first time I have ever seen a Bible,” she says, “I’ve been desperate for help reading and understanding this Bible to discover the true God. So much of what I knew about God was learned from my country’s religion, and I did not know the God of the Bible.”

In the midst of her extreme poverty and the religious prejudice that kept her from a Bible, she kept asking God for help, “and thanks to you, God helped me.” She is part of the very first Project Philip Bible study in the region and using the Easy-to-Read Arabic translation. “And because of this help, I can study the Bible and even help others learn themselves,” she adds.

Millions of people today have never had the opportunity to read the Bible, understand, and believe the Gospel. They need a first Bible—God’s Word in their own language and provided in a way they can grasp. They need your generosity to give them this gift they could never afford. You can give the gift of God’s Word.