A Flower Jesus Bloomed

Man traded drugs and alcohol for Jesus

June 29, 2020

Prodip shares his faith in his community in Bangladesh.

Prodip’s family first arrived in Bangladesh from India in 1970. Today, he’s 43 years old and lives in a tea garden in eastern Bangladesh with his wife and many other migrants from India. Many of them are part of the Munda community, a small people group. The people who work in this tea garden have little to no education and are often drug addicts. For a long time, Prodip spent his time drinking and doing drugs. He notes, “I spent half my money on alcohol and marijuana. It gave me a high when I was depressed.”

He often filled his nights by getting drunk with his friends. This led to problems in his marriage, as his wife was upset about his lifestyle. Then, a Bible League-trained church planter visited Prodip’s family and shared with them about the Good News of Christ.

At first, Prodip ignored the believer, but the more they spoke, the more he was impressed by the pastor’s humility. He talked to Prodip at length about the Gospel and the Bible. He says, “I understood that I was a sinner and needed Jesus to rescue me.”

While the pastor was praying, Prodip became emotional and began crying, which surprised him and his wife since he is not very emotional. “I knew that God had touched me deeply. I felt my life was like a flower that Jesus made bloom.” After that day, the pastor continued to visit them and share about the Bible.

Prodip confessed his sins to God as well his wife. He notes, “I had done a lot of bad things to her.” Now, their relationship is growing better every day. He no longer drinks or uses drugs and has learned to handle life in a better way. “I can see the look of wonder and disbelief on people’s faces when they interact with me. I’m equally surprised to see myself changed and transformed.”

Today, he wants to share his new hope with others in his community. “My passion is to share the Good News with others, especially my Munda community people, whom I love dearly. I want them to see what Jesus will do in their lives.”

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