A Second Chance to Live

The Peace of Jesus

A neighbor of hers in Bangladesh—someone she despised at the time—saved her life that day. Thinking back on it now, Baitama says, "The incident shook me to my core. I knew it was God who prevented a certain tragedy." Shortly after, she met a believer who lives nearby. He shared the Good News and invited her to a Project Philip Bible study. The man, a pastor, gave her a Bible and spoke about the peace and love which only Jesus can provide.

A New Life

She thought, "I didn't tell him about my struggles. How could he possibly know me?" At that moment, she didn't have any second thoughts about going to the Bible study. She felt her heart ease. Baimata says, "I started to believe and to spend time praying and reading the Bible. My cares and anxieties no longer felt burdensome." She held tightly to Matthew 11:28 and knew something inexplicable had happened.

Her family noticed the difference, too. Her son said, "You look very different and happy." Baimata replied, "Yes, I'm different now that Jesus has come to my life." The pastor also suggested she join the Bengali Bible-based Literacy class, since she dropped out of school at a young age and had difficulty reading.

Baimata beams, "I'm very grateful. I have found meaning in life. The Bible-based Literacy class has also been a great blessing. This is my second chance to live. God did not give up on me."