A Secret Bible Study

Studying the Word despite persecution

December 2, 2019

Participants of a <em class=Project Philip Bible study."

Like most in his community, Gjon was a Muslim his whole life. But when some new friends shared with him about Christ, everything changed for the 62-year-old. Today, he is learning more about God’s Word through a Project Philip Bible study and telling others about the Messiah.

Nearly all ethnic Albanians living in Gjon’s city are Muslim like he was, and the mosques on almost every corner are a constant reminder of that. While many people there have never heard of Jesus, those that have are very negative towards the Gospel and Gjon. It’s a difficult— often dangerous—place to be a believer.

He explains, “One day, I was with a group of missionaries in a strict Muslim neighborhood. The people wanted to fight with us. They are hot-blooded people who don’t want to know about Jesus. Two or three guys were holding knives and one of them was ready to stab me in the back. But God said to me, ‘Turn around.’ I turned around and was able to catch his arm.” And, with boldness in his voice he says, “They may be fanatic and strong, but I don’t fear them!”

Even with the violence and opposition, Gjon continues to study God’s Word through a Project Philip Bible study. There are only six men who attend the Bible study at his home. For now, they keep their meeting a secret because of the threat of persecution from their Muslim neighbors. Still, Gjon knows it’s helping him to stand firm in Christ. He says, “The booklet helps me to understand more things about my faith in Jesus. My leader also brings us other books from Bible League International, which I’m reading when he is not here. They help me to pray. With the booklets, my faith will grow step by step.”

Gjon's 12-year-old daughter is also now a follower of Christ. Please pray for strength for him and his daughter. Pray also for the salvation of his wife as she is still a Muslim.

Name and location changed for security reasons.

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