A Young Teen's Determination

Thokozile is a 17-year-old girl living in the Masvingo province of Zimbabwe. Her father is a member of the military and her mother is a housewife, and she is one of four children. Since her dad is in the military, Thokozile is used to moving around a lot. "We used to go to church as a family, but since we moved to the rural area, we stopped going because there wasn't a church nearby," she says. "This affected my spiritual life a lot because I missed the services at my former church."

Thokozile heard about Project Philip Bible studies through her science teacher at school. "The lessons were very interesting," she says. "Everyone would participate in the discussions because they were of great benefit to us, and we received youth Bibles! I felt my soul was revived because I was thirsty for the Lord." Although still a young girl, Thokozile demonstrates a lot of maturity. She gives her future careful thought and understands that the decisions she makes today are important. "I realize that peer pressure is common at my age," she explains. "Therefore, I need the wisdom of God in order to walk the way of the Lord and to resist the pressures of this world."

She has invited her neighbors to attend the Bible studies, and they see the change in her. "I thank God that since I started participating in these lessons, I am a changed person who respects her parents and her elders," she says proudly. "We used to consult non-Bible believing so-called prophets for help, but now I know who to run to," she continues. "When I need help, I go to Jesus Christ! I depend on Him. Thank you for the Bible. I now have a weapon to fight the enemy --- the Word of God!"

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