About Colombia

About Colombia

Colombia is a struggling country.

From high poverty rates to dangerous guerilla warfare, Colombians live in a time of uncertainty. Uncertainty that could be conquered by the Gospel.

With more than 49 million people, Colombia sits in the northwest corner of South America, and shares borders with Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela. It is a mixture of large, urban cities like the capital of Bogotá and beautiful rural, mountainous villages.

It has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but some still face financial hardships. About a third of the country lives in poverty, and the separation between upper class and lower class is substantial. Armed conflicts and drug abuse have created a violent atmosphere, causing the citizens to live in fear.

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis, approximately 1.3 million Venezuelan refugees have been welcomed into Colombia. Many struggle to find jobs and income after they arrive.

Children in the area are exposed to violence and drug abuse early, and with a lack of quality public education, it’s easy for them to merge into a toxic lifestyle. In some areas, kids don’t even leave their homes because it’s too dangerous to be outside.

Bible League Ministry has been serving Colombia since 1993, and the training and Bible studies are changing this area through the Gospel. Every two days, a new church is planted thanks to the Church Planter Training. Project Philip Bible studies are reaching children and adults alike, changing the dynamics of families and communities.

But there is more work to be done.

In a time of fear, violence, and uncertainty, more Colombians need a source of hope. They need to hear that their social status does not define them, but their status with God does. The people of Colombia need to rely on the rulings of God, not a corrupt government.

Most of all, the children of Colombia need a way out of this cycle. If the children begin living for God, the future of Colombia will change.

Bible League International is hoping to reach more than 129,000 people in Colombia in the next year. By sending more resources and training more leaders, Bible League will provide this area with the help it truly needs. Help us support our brothers and sisters in Colombia!

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