Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

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My Family Will Be Different

eNews_1603_story1Living the Light

“Did you know that only a few people have electricity here in our Gaza Province?” Ndava says with a wry smile, “and my life is so different because I live in the light and I am bringing others to this light. I will never go back to the darkness that I lived in.” “My parents and the rest of my family were not believers. Instead, we lived according to the traditional practices of worshiping family ancestors and trusting witchdoctors to help us when we were sick or scared,” Ndava recalls, “and we were just like everyone else in Xai-Xai—except for the Christians.” “It all changed for me when I was reached through a Project Philip Bible study. You see, there was a flood back in 2000 and we all had to take refuge in a shelter nearby. God sent a Philip to lead Bible studies for us, and that’s when I heard about Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior,” he says.

A New Job Now

“After receiving Jesus I became a new person,” Ndava reports, “and I started telling others about my new life—telling my family that only Jesus Christ is Lord, and that only in Him will we find the solutions for all our problems.” This led Ndava to admit he needed help. “I began attending the Project Philip training for Philips because I sensed that I wanted to keep winning souls to my Lord,” Ndava admits. “This is my job now—my training to be a Philip. My job to take care of our food and home is my second job now.

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A Life Without Hope

eNews_1703_story2I Met Jesus

She lives in a small city in Venezuela—a country facing a desperate financial crisis that punishes the poor most of all. Religion is often a confused mix of superstition and culture in Armanda’s city, and they find little consolation. Without the help of believers like you, the great majority of people in Venezuela simply cannot afford the cost of a Bible. And in desperation, people like Armanda consult spirits, “searching for help and answers to solve our problems,” she says. “But when the Lord Jesus Christ came into my life, it was when I needed Him the most,” she adds, “because it was when I was diagnosed with cancer.” She began her chemotherapy treatments and continued to attend a Project Philip Bible study near her home. “I felt weak because of the treatments and spent my days in tears, but in that Bible study I met Jesus and He strengthened me and gave me peace.”

My Savior and Healer

“Today I repeat this prayer, ‘The Lord is my Savior and Healer, and I shall not want,’” she says with determination. “I am your sister in the Lord, because I have come to know Jesus as my Savior and I have given myself wholeheartedly to Him. To those who made this possible, thank you.” Armanda says, “You have helped me know God’s Word for the first time in my life—when I needed it the most—and God has changed the way I think, live, and how I live with my family and friends. I know my Lord Jesus Christ has allowed me to see things from an entirely new perspective.”

Asia ▸

Hope Has Arrived

Hope Has Arrived

God is Building the Church

Almost 2 years ago, a passionate believer named Ajalria and his young family settles in a small village in India. “As I was training with Church Planter Training, I was sincerely touched by God’s Spirit. I knew I had to find a place with no existing church and start one,” he recalls. “So I prayed to God to lead me to a place to build a church and God led me here.” From a modest Project Philip Bible study, Ajalria nurtured the new believers and together they began to grow. Soon, they were building a church for the group that grew to almost 50 people. “The people around us complained about us building a church in their area. They asked us to stop building. We told them that we are here to bring peace and that we believe God is building the church.”

Persecution and Growth

“Praise the Lord for His protection,” Ajalria adds, “and when we finished the little building some of the villagers started coming and are still with us.” Every Sunday morning, believers gather to worship together, study God’s Word, and pray—including their prayer that soon, they will be part of starting another new church nearby. “This is a healthy church,” Ajalria comments, “and they need courage to be Christians in this village. Persecution comes from their neighbors and from local officials—from verbal warnings to threats against their safety, promises to ruin the building, and even warnings that I could be hurt.” He remains undeterred, “Thank God they have only taunted me, and thank God people here are trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior.”