Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

Latin America ▸

Searching for Hope in Colombia

Living in Paradise

Colombia has the second largest population of internally displaced people (following only Syria), and many have been forced to flee the drug violence, civil war, and natural and economic disasters, to try to settle in Bogota. "I want my children to have a chance," says a mother named Saida - her husband and six young children fled to this area several years ago and struggle to live on about $3 per day in a barrio named Paradise. Saida's home is just a 6-foot by 12-foot wooden shack that sits on short stilts to elevate it above the open ditch of raw sewage, and the tiny kitchen is out back with a butane stove perched on a small table with the only visible food being a small bag of potatoes. The only hope for Saida's family comes from believers who serve God by sharing His Word in Paradise through Project Philip for Children. Yimmy is here in Paradise every day, teaching children's lessons and helping them read God's Word using the easy-to-read illustrated Bible for children.

Lost and Found

"To reach these families, we have church services every Friday and Sunday, and keep these gatherings short so people can return to their households, their children, and their jobs," Yimmy says. "As adults and children understand God's Word by using Project Philip, their lives are transformed and they discover hope for the first time." Yimmy's ministry is motivated, in part, by his own experience. "I lost everything in my life not long ago, and at that time I did not believe in God, but then God changed me," he confesses, "I know God's Word changed my life, so I know it can change the lives of the people of Paradise."

Asia ▸

Where There is No Church


Have You Heard About Jesus?

“As I rode along, I talked with people—one person after another—and the Holy Spirit kept lead me farther and farther away from my home,” he reports, “and I stopped to talk with a shoemaker who was sitting under a tree—this was where he did his work, and when I saw him he was busy. After a minute, I started a conversation with him, asking ‘Did you hear about Jesus Christ?’ He said, ‘No.’” This was the first time anyone in this village in India had heard about Jesus Christ and the Gospel, Saadhin discovered. And that shoemaker, although he refused Saadhin's invitation to trust Jesus at that first meeting, was willing to continue the conversation—inviting Saadhin back many times over the next 6 months. “And praise God, one day after a long talk, the shoemaker accepted Jesus,” Saadhin says.

Time, Prayer, and a New Church

“We started our first Project Philip Bible study in the shoemaker’s home, and his daughter and wife were the next to receive Jesus Christ after studying God’s Word together,” Saadhin reports with joy. And the next step to building a church, he learned, was to receive the permission of the village’s head, but this man said no, “He said he would not allow a foreign religion in this Hindu village,” Saadhin reports. “It took time, and prayer—about 2 months of this,” Saadhin says, “but the village head saw the transformation in the shoemaker’s family, and then he heard of other families trusting Jesus and how their lives changed. That’s when the village head dropped his objection and we began to build a church here.” Saadhin adds, “Today, this new church has about 20 believers worshipping together every Sunday, and they are bringing new friends with them, and today we will baptize 4 new believers and all the village will come to see it happen.”

Africa ▸

My Family Will Be Different

eNews_1603_story1Living the Light

“Did you know that only a few people have electricity here in our Gaza Province?” Ndava says with a wry smile, “and my life is so different because I live in the light and I am bringing others to this light. I will never go back to the darkness that I lived in.” “My parents and the rest of my family were not believers. Instead, we lived according to the traditional practices of worshiping family ancestors and trusting witchdoctors to help us when we were sick or scared,” Ndava recalls, “and we were just like everyone else in Xai-Xai—except for the Christians.” “It all changed for me when I was reached through a Project Philip Bible study. You see, there was a flood back in 2000 and we all had to take refuge in a shelter nearby. God sent a Philip to lead Bible studies for us, and that’s when I heard about Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior,” he says.

A New Job Now

“After receiving Jesus I became a new person,” Ndava reports, “and I started telling others about my new life—telling my family that only Jesus Christ is Lord, and that only in Him will we find the solutions for all our problems.” This led Ndava to admit he needed help. “I began attending the Project Philip training for Philips because I sensed that I wanted to keep winning souls to my Lord,” Ndava admits. “This is my job now—my training to be a Philip. My job to take care of our food and home is my second job now.