Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

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Transforming Prison Ministry

eNews_1603_story1It’s Already Working

“The rate of re-offense among inmates wasn’t going down,” a Rockford pastor notes. They needed a solution, and they’re finding one with Philip Acts 8™ (Project Philip) training for inmates. “We need to move ministry inside the prison—instead of inmates being served by someone else, we needed to shift the approach from just saving sinners to training leaders as well,” he says. So earlier this year, there was an intensive training of Philips (prisoners who are believers being trained as Bible study leaders themselves). An inmate named Quincy participated and says, “This training is already working. Just five minutes after our training I started a Bible study in my cell block. It’s already a thing and God is going to do more here.” Quincy adds with a laugh.

Finding His Way—Again

Another one of those newly trained Philips is Aaron. “It’s really hard being a Christian in jail,” he says. As odd as that may sound, Aaron’s story is, unfortunately, common—someone who believes the Gospel lost his way. Aaron says, “Thank you for showing us that you don’t believe we’re all just a lost cause. You’re showing us how to be accountable, and Philip Acts 8™ will help me reach others. I will use this with my friends and family and when I find a church home when I’m released. And it has helped me see what’s important—being a Christian is about more than just going to church, it’s about being and doing the right thing.” Today there are over 40 inmates involved in different Bible studies led by these new Philips, using Philip Acts 8™ Bible studies. And the leaders—the inmates themselves—are ready to reach more with the Gospel of a new life in Jesus Christ.

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It Was Almost Too Late

eNews_1603_story1Go Back to Church

After a night of troublemaking with friends, Cossa was arrested for theft (someone in the group had stolen some electronics that night and Cossa was implicated alongside others). “I was put in prison because one of my friends stole something expensive,” Cossa says, “and I spent 7 days there.” This got his attention. “My mom told me, ‘Son, you stopped going to church and now you went to prison instead. Please go back to church,’” Cossa admits shyly. And he did—and that’s where a believer heard his story and encouraged him to join a Philip Acts 8™ (Project Philip) Bible study. “After several Bible studies, I saw the need of receiving Jesus and I did receive Him as my Savior.”

According to God’s Word

“The first thing I felt was peace in my heart. If I’d lived according to God’s Word, I wouldn’t have to fear prison,” Cossa says. “I am a different person now because Jesus transformed my life through the Bible. Instead of getting into trouble late at night, I’m studying God’s Word. I even went to my mom and asked her forgiveness for the pain I caused her. And I thank God for those who provided the Philip Acts 8™ Bible study for me, and today I have my own Bible. Thank you.” Mozambique is a country facing violent political divides and devastating economic hardship—these obstacles often hinder ministry for the most vulnerable. But when under-resourced churches receive training and are equipped with God’s Word, they eagerly reach those at risk—whether near larger cities or in rural areas. In the face of significant suffering, people’s lives are being transformed today.

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Finding a Way to Plant a Church

Finding a Way to Plant a ChurchTraining Philips – Empowering Believers

This is a rural village with high unemployment and little access to education or—most importantly—God’s Word.  Because of the pervasive poverty in Curacavi, planting a church is very difficult because people have to travel great distances for work. “These long commutes to and from work have a negative effect on churches, making it especially difficult for working members to attend church gatherings during the week.” This is a common concern among the many under-resourced churches struggling to survive in this area of Chile. Pastor Carlos knew these pressures could easily overwhelm his small church, so he needed a creative way to empower believers and found it using Philip Acts 8™ Bible studies. “We trained Philips, and the eager new members are seeing their first results,” he says, “Three home Bible study groups are now meeting and studying their way through Philip Acts 8™ Bible study materials.”

Their Lives Are Being Transformed

“After the Bible studies are done, on the same table where they were reading God’s Word, they eat a meal together to build the community. All are touched by the Word of God and they are witnesses of how their lives are being transformed,” Pastor Carlos says. These Bible studies have given new believers the training they need to share their faith with others at work and during their long commutes. Equipped with training and their own Bibles now—something they could not afford—this church is growing and lives are being transformed in Curacavi.