Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

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Planting a Church in India


Deemed Untouchable

Tabitha continues, "These troubles made me desperate for help. I cried to every god for help, even to an unknown someone who could hear and answer me." For many years, this continued until she had a dream about Jesus Christ. She says, "I accepted Christ under extraordinary circumstances. I had a vision or a dream, and I knew it was Jesus. I knew without a doubt my life would change. I gave my life to Jesus." Tabitha faced a lot of ridicule for her new faith in Christ. Her community and family started treating her as low caste. She explains, "When I removed my bindi (a red dot worn on the center of the forehead), I was criticized for abandoning my culture and traditions. I was treated as an untouchable." Her family quit inviting her to events or accepting her invitations.

A Vision to Plant a Church

But Tabitha believed God wanted to use her. Eventually, she heard about Church Planter Training from a pastor at a local church and wanted to attend. Church Planter Training gave her a vision to plant a church in her village. She went to many houses throughout her village to share the Gospel. Right now, because of the culture in India, Tabitha finds it best to mostly reach out to other women and children. Her dedication to sharing God's Word has made a difference, and she started a house church. Now 27 people regularly attend.

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Sowing Seeds for Christ

eNews_1802_story2Experiencing Forgiveness

Because of this, Esther got married early. "I have two boys and six girls. I lost my husband a few months ago," she says solemnly. Esther’s husband became a Christian not long before he died, and she thought nothing of it when his former pastor invited her to his home. "When I got there, I saw some of the church members, and he invited me to join them. It was a Project Philip Bible study." After the lesson was over, they could ask questions, and Esther wanted to know more about forgiveness. "I hardly forgave anybody who wronged me," she says. "I was very quarrelsome, easily offended, and I did not associate with others." The Philip (a Project Philip Bible study leader) explained that everyone sins, but God forgives when we repent.

Sharing the Gospel

"After I accepted Christ and continued my studies, I did not get as easily offended. I have been changed," she beams. "When I was given a Bible, it felt like I was receiving God's power into my home. With the knowledge I have acquired from Project Philip, I have been able to share the Gospel with my father, and he has also given his life to Christ!"

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A Transformed Life in Venezuela

From Heartbreak to Helping Others

With her marriage over, Leiza had been adapting to her new life and wanted to keep herself busy by turning her attention to others. She thought this would help her get over the break-up of her marriage more quickly. She joined a local church, and soon discovered she had a real hunger for the Word of God, and wanted to learn more about Jesus’ message of hope. The pastor of the church she belonged to invited her to attend a Project Philip Bible study. She loved the lessons so much, and found the material so easy to share with others, she decided to train to become a Philip (a Project Philip Bible study leader) herself. She says, “it did not take me long to become a Philip at all.” Leiza began to share God’s Word with children and teenagers living in some of the poorer areas on the outskirts of Barquisimeto. “The rural village had no basic services like electricity or garbage collection, and no chance of prosperity for the residents. I could not believe I did not know that such an impoverished area was right outside my town. I saw many children on the street, so I asked some people about it. They told me most of the parents leave their kids alone to look for jobs in other cities.” Leiza says God told her in that very moment to serve these children. “I started a Project Philip Bible study for children, and it has been wonderful,” she says. “The youngsters are smiling more, they communicate better, and they love the illustrated Bible because they never had anything like it before.” Leiza hopes to transform the future of children through the Word of God.