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Finding Hope in Prison

eNews_1712_story2Hitting Rock Bottom

He thought he cared about his kids and their mothers, but now he realizes he only did what was right for himself. Aaron notes, "After a lifetime of anger, disrespect, and hurting all the people I cared about, I wanted to stop and enjoy a family life with love. I had the right vision, but I was still living in the wrong." Aaron felt lost. And his family suffered. The addictions seemed only to grow. One day he finally hit rock bottom: Aaron hurt his 7-month-old son. The next day the police arrested him.

New Life in Christ

He confesses, “That was the hardest thing I ever went through." Aaron says with clarity, "But that tragedy brought me to the Lord." He continues, “When I got to prison, every cell had a Bible. I picked one up and never put it down. I read it and fell on my knees.” Aaron asked Jesus Christ to be his Savior that day. He prayed that the Lord would save his son’s life. He says with a smile, “By the grace of God, my son is alive and healing. I promised God to only serve Him for the rest of my days." After beginning his life in Christ, Aaron worried about how his new faith would grow. God soon gave His answer. "I didn’t know how to keep being in God. But when I transferred here, God brought Project Philip Bible studies to this jail,” Aaron explains. “Now, I can study to become more like Jesus and help others. Even though things are not perfect, and I’m not perfect, God is working in me. My life is His, and I know He will do what is best for me."

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The Gospel Gives Peace

eNews_1712_story1Angry with God

Serob says this hopelessness caused him to lose faith in God, and he enlisted in the army. "Like every Armenian guy, I was very proud to protect my homeland and I joined the Army." Now married with children, he says the realities of war deepened his disillusionment. "I saw so many dangers when I was in the Army. I felt empty inside," he says. Serob's mother-in-law became a believer, and tried to talk to him about God. "I did not believe a word she said. I was still very angry with God," he says.

Deciding to Study God’s Word

One day, Serob's wife wanted to invite people over for a Project Philip Bible study. "I got angry and told her no," Serob remembers. "But I felt guilty and relented. I told her they could host these meetings, but I added that I would never be present during their Christian meetings." For weeks, the group would come over, and Serob retreated to his room. "I avoided meeting the believers, but I listened to everything they said. I started to like the Bible study lessons." He started to find reasons to be home on meeting days. "I decided to be present in the meeting. It was quite a step, but I did it." Once Serob began to study the Word of God, he became a faithful member of the group. "I was baptized over the summer," he beams.

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A New Creation in Prison

eNews_1710_story1From Poverty to Prison to Christ

“I grew up in the slums of Mathare—one of the oldest and worst slums of Africa. People live on top of each other,” is the way he describes it. There are more than 700,000 people crowded there, just three miles from Nairobi, the capital. It is plagued by disease, drugs, crime, and too many people living without hope. “I grew up with just my mother, she was a Christian and we went to church, but soon I stopped caring and that’s when my life fell apart,” he continues. “I lived like everyone else in the slum–drinking, stealing, and addicted to drugs—it was too late for me.” “Sitting alone on that bench,” he says pointing across the prison yard, “I realized how far I had drifted away from God. The next thing I heard was an invitation to join a Project Philip Bible study and I jumped at the opportunity.”

Eager to Help

As he listened, he heard the things he knew from his childhood. “But this time, I knew that I had to give my life to Jesus. Believe in Him. Live for Him. So I did that, and Jesus is my Savior,” he says boldly. “I am no longer the addict I used to be. Jesus has transformed my life, and I’m so happy today.” An eager learner, Alexander also learned that he could help others understand the Gospel. “I learned how to lead others to Christ so their lives can be transformed like mine. Today, I’m the one asking others to come with me to Project Philip Bible studies, and when I’m released someday, I will do the same. I need to go back to the place I was raised and tell them how God changed me.”