Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

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A Witchdoctor Finds Jesus

Witchdoctor Finds JesusShe Heard about Jesus

“I scraped by selling rice cakes, tea, and coffee in the village,” Lally says, “I sold medicines that promised healing also. And when my husband died, I supported my family by becoming a prostitute and had more children. I quit that and went back to witchcraft.” Then, an evangelist walked into Lally’s village, going house-to-house inviting everyone to a Project Philip Bible study. “I was interested for some reason,” she says, “and it was the very first time in my life that I heard about Jesus. So I attended the Bible study each week.” “One of the lessons was about how God is always with us and sees all that we do,” Lally recalls, “and that made me think about my life. I began to hate so much of what I had done. I needed Jesus’ help and I asked Him to save me.”

Today I have God’s Word

“That’s when I began to feel a new joy in my heart,” she says brightly. “And each time I read God’s Word, I learn new things about my life and how I can live today. I’ve given up my witchcraft and I’m growing in my faith because I have a Bible in my language of Malagasy.” When asked if she has more to say, Lally insists on adding a word of gratitude. “Thank you, because I needed this Project Philip Bible study to understand how Jesus could come into my life. Because of Him my life has changed. This is what I tell my children and anyone who wonders why my life is different.” And she adds, “This can change anyone’s life.”

Europe ▸

When Life Falls Apart

Only God Can Help

Only God Can Help

“Something happened to my family,” Kare admits, “Our children became afraid and they couldn’t sleep at night,” he says sadly, “it was like they saw evil.” Kare and his wife lost their joy as they saw their children suffer. Frustrated and uncertain about what to do, Kare heard of a man in his village who was a pastor, “He was a believer in Jesus and I thought that maybe he could help us,” he recalls. “We asked him to come to our home and told him about how our children were suffering.” “He listened patiently and then told us about Jesus, saying that Jesus calmed people who were troubled, how He healed and helped people, and that Jesus was ready to do that for my family too,” Kare says. “He told us about salvation and giving our lives to Christ. And he said we should start praying for our family because only God could help us.”

Our Lives Changed

Over the next few weeks this pastor returned to Kare’s home, and they started to study God’s Word together using Project Philip Bible studies. “We heard so many great and important things about God and salvation for the first time in our lives,” Kare says with excitement, “and I invited my brother and his family, and then the pastor started a children’s Project Philip Bible study also.” This is when things started to change for Kare and his family. “We prayed and studied God’s Word and our lives changed,” he admits. “It was amazing for us. It was wonderful. And we saw how God helped us.”

Latin America ▸

Searching for Hope in Colombia

Living in Paradise

Colombia has the second largest population of internally displaced people (following only Syria), and many have been forced to flee the drug violence, civil war, and natural and economic disasters, to try to settle in Bogota. "I want my children to have a chance," says a mother named Saida - her husband and six young children fled to this area several years ago and struggle to live on about $3 per day in a barrio named Paradise. Saida's home is just a 6-foot by 12-foot wooden shack that sits on short stilts to elevate it above the open ditch of raw sewage, and the tiny kitchen is out back with a butane stove perched on a small table with the only visible food being a small bag of potatoes. The only hope for Saida's family comes from believers who serve God by sharing His Word in Paradise through Project Philip for Children. Yimmy is here in Paradise every day, teaching children's lessons and helping them read God's Word using the easy-to-read illustrated Bible for children.

Lost and Found

"To reach these families, we have church services every Friday and Sunday, and keep these gatherings short so people can return to their households, their children, and their jobs," Yimmy says. "As adults and children understand God's Word by using Project Philip, their lives are transformed and they discover hope for the first time." Yimmy's ministry is motivated, in part, by his own experience. "I lost everything in my life not long ago, and at that time I did not believe in God, but then God changed me," he confesses, "I know God's Word changed my life, so I know it can change the lives of the people of Paradise."