Bible League International equips under-resourced churches with the Word of God in a way they can read, understand and share with their neighbors. These are the latest updates from our global ministry.

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Changing Lives in Nicaragua

Changing Lives in NicaraguaLearning and Loving Jesus

This struggling ministry is trying to change the children’s lives in a way that will last—through basic education and studying God’s Word. Using Project Philip Bible studies, about 170 students in this Nicaragua school have the opportunity no one else offers them: education and the chance to learn how Jesus can transform their lives. Diego is one of the students—a ten year old, and he strikes everyone as quiet and shy. That is, until asked what he’s learning. “Before, God was no big deal in my life,” the child says with unusual boldness, “but now I’m learning more and who He truly is.” He’s eager to tell a curious, wandering story of his young life, but then he comes to a conclusion that leaves everyone impressed. “In the past, he was a savior. Now, Jesus is my Savior,” proclaims Diego.

Reaching a Family

“My family wanted me to have an education, and that I can also learn about God is even better. I love that I can talk about the Bible in school with my teachers,” he adds. Diego’s family is religious, but part of an obscure movement trying to make inroads among the most vulnerable in the area—something even young Diego understands. “They knew we’d believe anything, and they promised us things they shouldn’t have,” he says bluntly. “So, when I learn from the Bible, I go home and talk about what I’m learning with my family. I tell my family that learning the Bible saved my life and I know Jesus is my Savior.”

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New Life for a Troubled People

New Life for a Troubled PeopleGoing Back to Serve Jesus

The Malleco Province is the center of Chile’s painful conflict over land and resources, and the plight of the Mapuche indigenous people—the main indigenous population. They are an ancient people, and unfortunately, they have long suffered in the fight over land and resources. Pastor Alberto is from here, and his new life in Jesus Christ began here, but it took a few twists and turns for him to return. “I first learned to study God’s Word right here using Project Philip Bible studies,” he says, “then I went away to study at school until one day a professor told me to go back home—to Angol, back to where I first met Christ, and serve there.”

The Power of God’s Word

“Because of the history of the conflict, the people in the community face a struggle,” Pastor Alberto shares, “and it always takes time for God’s Word to change people’s lives here.” Quick to point out the sincerity of their interest in the Gospel, Pastor Alberto also knows the hardships they face. “The people here work long, exhausting hours in the fields or forests to make a living. They come to church tired, and need a simple way to learn and beat the fatigue they carry. Long sermons don’t work, but these Bible studies do.” And he quickly adds, “Here, God’s Word is changing lives like never before. God is saving marriages, transforming the way parents help their children, and even after so much pain with the government and police, the people are forgiving and living in peace.” “This is the power of God’s Word, and we’re so thankful for everyone who is helping the people find hope in this part of Chile,” Pastor Alberto says.

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A Family is Transformed

A Family is Transformed

God Seemed Far Away

The southern Albanian city of Saranda is a beautiful place—tourists flock to its views of the Ionian Sea. But for Hina, her city held no hope. “We did everything we could to get God’s help, and I tried praying every day. But God seemed to be far from us,” she admits. “One day, some people came to our neighborhood in Albania and stood on the street talking to people about Jesus,” Hina says, “so I went out to hear them. Right away they started talking about a God who loved us and could be trusted.” “This bothered me because I just didn’t know this God,” she confesses. “They saw I didn’t understand and invited me to a church nearby and a Project Philip Bible study for young people.”

God Can Be Trusted

As Hina attended the Project Philip Bible studies, she learned how God could help her and her family, she was shown love by everyone in the church, and she learned to pray to Jesus Christ because He loves her. “I began to pray to Jesus, and that’s when my life and my family started to change. Then,” she says with a bright smile, “I surrendered my life to God.” Seeing the change in her young life, her family started to come to church with her, “and one by one, they trusted Jesus too,” Hina says. “Today I am a leader in the Project Philip Bible studies, and I love to tell people how God changed me and my family. And I’m thankful for all the help from the people who make this possible, because there are still a lot of families like mine here that need God’s Word.”