Vision for God’s Word and Bible League International

Joe Snoep - The President's Blog

And the Good News I have shared about God’s kingdom will be told throughout the world. It will be spread to every nation. Then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14 ERV

These are exciting times for those who share God’s Word. Everywhere God’s Word is accessible, in a way that can be understood, lives are transformed, even in the face of increased persecution and opposition to Christian faith in many areas.

It is important to share with you our vision of how we serve the under-resourced Church globally, in 6 regions and 42 countries, reaching more than 1.8 million people with God’s Word. And as I assume my role as Bible League International’s new President and CEO, I feel a special responsibility to be clear about our unique commitment to reach more people as God provides the opportunities.

One example comes to mind. By invitation of the South African government, we offer Philip Acts 8™ (Project Philip) Bible studies in at-risk schools with dramatic changes in the lives of students and their families. This ministry stretches already under-resourced churches, but leads to strengthened faith among believers even as young lives are changed—and their schools and families as well.

Ours is a field-driven ministry because we desire to listen carefully for God’s direction and, in faith, follow the opportunities where God’s Word leads.

    • We serve the under-resourced Church through ministry that empowers believers to share the Gospel in their communities.
    • We provide training to plant churches in neglected areas—churches formed through new believers and dynamically transforming access to God’s Word.
    • And we reach those denied literacy through prejudice or poverty who learn to read and write using God’s Word and discover the Gospel for the first time.

That is, our ministry adds to the Church’s growth in tangible ways.

And our ministry relies upon the living Savior who says, “It was the Father who sent me, and I am now sending you in the same way” (John 20:21). It should be our continuous desire to obey Him, love Him, listen to Him, and act like Him. Therefore, how we live our lives and act toward one another does matter to our Lord and our ministry—serving in faith, in prayer, and in unity.

Empowering those denied God’s Word in the under-resourced Church with biblical resources and training that are pure, biblical, and Christ-centered will lead to transformed lives, healing for families and communities, and dramatic and lasting change. And we are dedicated to bring people around the world closer to God’s Word and bring the story of transformed lives closer to those who support this ministry.

Our ministry will be driven by the opportunities God provides—a ministry focused on the promise of God’s Word to transform lives worldwide. And we invite you to join us in prayer and generosity because when you give the under-resourced Church receives the gift of God’s Word—today.