Finding Perspective – Ministry in Haiti

Jos Snoep - The President's Blog

The death toll in the wake of Hurricane Matthew is more than one thousand adults and children. And the overwhelming destruction of homes, churches, and schools—especially for those already struggling with extreme poverty—is another crushing blow for the people of Haiti.

Our ministry director in Haiti has travelled to the hardest-hit areas to see what can be done. He reports: “In the South, Southeast, Nippes, and Grand-Anse there was severe damage, and hundreds of people lost their lives. Thousands of homes and farms were heavily damaged or completely destroyed—including church buildings and schools.” He adds, “Bible League International church planters, Bible study leaders, and literacy trainers were sorely affected by the storm.”

This crisis raises an important question about ministry in this poor nation. The perennial troubles of a languishing economy, limited access to basic education, political corruption, and the obvious neglect of those in great need calls for our prayerful response and bold faith in the power of God’s Word.

The troubles facing the people of Haiti are obvious at this time—adding to high unemployment, extreme poverty, and a lack of basic education leaving more than half of those over age 15 unable to read and write. And under-resourced churches are eager to share God’s Word in their communities simply cannot afford Bibles and essential training materials. This is why providing God’s Word is so important today.

Bible League International ministry in Haiti is growing because the people of Haiti are responding in faith to God’s Word. In the coming year, Bible League International ministry will reach more than 30,000 people in Haiti, train more than 1,700 believers to share God’s Word, and church planters will begin almost 100 new churches. Lives are being transformed in Haiti because adults and children are being reached with God’s Word in a way they can understand and believe. This is how God’s Word is changing lives in Haiti today—and for eternity—with your help

    • Bringing hope and new life in Jesus Christ as adults, youth, and children hear the Gospel in a way they can understand and believe through Philip Acts 8™ (Project Philip) Bible studies in areas where Christian traditions have long ignored God’s Word.
    • For those ignored in their poverty, Philip Church™ (Church Planter Training) trains and equips believers to plant churches where needed most to reach their communities—with church planters serving in all 10 departments in Haiti.
    • For the great majority denied basic education, Philip Literacy™ (Bible-based Literacy) ministry offers the opportunity to learn to read and write in Haitian-Creole using God’s Word and their first opportunity to read their own Bible.
    • And we are making important progress in the easy-to-read Haitian-Creole translation of the Bible—it will be the only affordable translation in the everyday language used by most people in Haiti.

God’s Word offers hope for true and lasting change in Haiti—especially as so many have lost what little they have. We are compelled to respond in faith to the promise of God’s Word:

Many people are suffering—crushed by the weight of their troubles. But the Lord is a refuge for them, a safe place they can run to. Psalm 9:9