Ashly Prays for her Family

Girl understands the love of Christ through Bible studies

August 26, 2020

At just 13 years old, Ashly already has experienced much heartbreak. Her father left her mother when she was born, and today she barely has a relationship with him or her two-half brothers on his side. Even though her mother and father don't live together, they fight constantly about material things and child support.

“I was often very distant because I felt desperate when watching them fight,” she says. “I remember locking myself in my room to cry. I know that because of those situations, I turned into a rebellious daughter.”

Ashly and her family were desperate for peace, but the vicious cycle of anger and resentment made peace a faraway dream. But the Lord made a way. Ashly began attending a Project Philip Bible study at school. She began to understand the love of Christ.

“I loved the booklets because they taught me about Jesus Christ, what He did for the world, and that He saved us,” she says. “Jesus gave us a new commandment of love. He loved people, regardless of who they were.”

Ashly found comfort and belonging in her new knowledge of God. “I wanted to know what it felt like to be loved because, in my house, I felt like I was a burden. I would read the prayers and then repeat them, and I felt God was listening to me,” she says. “I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. After that, the sadness in my heart decreased. Little by little, with my teacher’s help, my sadness was turned into peace. I regretted saying some things to my mom, so I changed my attitude and behavior toward her.”

Today, this teenager is a new creation in Jesus Christ. While her parents continue to fight, Ashly now looks to Jesus for comfort, asking Him to calm and help her parents. Her mother and two half-brothers on her mother’s side now join her at church every Sunday.

Ashly dreams of reconciliation for her parents. “I pray we could all live without conflicts and friction.”

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