Asmar Finds Christ

After being healed, woman accepts Jesus

October 26, 2020

A married mother of six, Asmar has lived her entire life in a Kurdish village in Armenia. The unemployment is so high here, no one in her family has a job. They earn money through the animals they own. She has many sad memories as a woman born just after World War II, which was a time of starvation in Armenia.

And then she got sick. Her health waned off and on throughout her life, and she heard about Christ when a neighbor checked on her one day. She explains, “When I was very ill, and my family members were out, I saw a woman who was a Christian at our door. I was glad to see her because I felt so weak and helpless. ‘How can you help me?’ I asked her. She told me that Jesus has the power to heal, even today. I felt some peace, some hope rising inside of me. I decided to give my life to Christ, and we prayed together, asking Jesus to heal me. That night, I slept very well and the next morning, when I woke up, I felt wonderful. God delivered me from my illness!”

Asmar joined the Project Philip Bible study group held at a church nearby. She recalls, “When I told my husband, he laughed at me, thinking I was crazy. However, because he noticed I was feeling so well, he agreed. The Bible study was amazing. I loved it.”

Before long, her family noticed the miracle that happened in her life. She beams, “Because of that, they didn’t persecute me for being a follower of Christ. Instead, I suggested to my husband that we could host a Bible study group in our house and commit our house to the service of Christ. He liked the idea, so, I asked our pastor, and he organized a small group Bible study in my house. All my family members, including my husband, are participating…which is a miracle! How wonderful it is to follow Christ Jesus.”

Asmar wants to thank everyone who had a hand in her coming to Christ. She says, “Thanks for these wonderful booklets that taught us these blessed lessons. God bless all of you!”

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