Bible Study Leader Grows in Faith

Leader in Ethiopia learns leadership and discipleship through Project Philip

January 27, 2020

Bekeret, a Bible study leader in Ethiopia.

Bereket, 28, was born into a Christian family in southern Ethiopia. He gave his life to Christ in 2005 and now serves as the coordinator for Christian student fellowship and a Bible League volunteer at Ambo University.

Growing up, Bereket witnessed the struggles of other young men in his area. “Many youth struggled with alcohol addiction and had no good role models. There was also a high number of migrations due to people searching for employment,” he says. As he began to look for ways to serve local youth and students at the university, God showed him Project Philip.

“I decided to participate in the Project Philip Bible studies because I had the desire to develop students’ character. I wanted to help make them mature followers of Jesus Christ by providing biblical materials and Bibles, then motivating them to study regularly,” he says. “Most of the university students are not able to purchase Bibles for themselves because they are financially dependent on their parents, and most of their parents cannot afford a Bible because of low income.”

As of July, 370 students had completed the studies and received Bibles of their own.

But it wasn’t just the students who were affected by the Project Philip Bible studies. Bereket saw major changes in his own life and evangelism efforts.

“[Before we began], I didn’t have experience with personal devotion and faced challenges in organizing and handling the students. I didn’t have leadership and communication skills,” he says. “I had no idea how to make fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Since the studies, Bereket has watched his ministry flourish and has matured in his relationship with Christ.

“My capacity to read the Bible and other spiritual materials developed,” he says. “I studied the leadership portion and gained great insight to handling the students and leading them to be more like Christ. The study materials helped me to make disciples and have better communication with students and everyone involved in the ministry.”

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