Believers Behind Bars

The prison has approximately 11,000 inmates, many of them members of the left-wing communist guerilla forces and right-wing paramilitaries. The groups mix like oil and water with bloody battles happening regularly...



Young Faith

Her colorful outfit matches her vibrant personality. A denim dress with pink tights. Gold earrings, beaded bracelets, and a beautiful orange ring. The look was topped off with a sweet smile and eager demeanor. Sweet Valentina is a well-spoken six-year-old who loves the Lord as much as any mature Christian.



Tragedy Strengthened His Resolve

“I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart when I was eight years old,” begins José Miguel, speaking from the dusty, walled courtyard outside a small church in Chaparral, Colombia. Now 28, this dark-haired young man with the infectious, gap-toothed smile can’t help but laugh as he thinks back on his childhood.



Saving Soacha

“On average, every eight days there was a death of a friend involved in gang activities. Today, many of the people who I grew up with are dead or in prison, but God protected my brothers and me.” That’s how Pastor Jesus describes his childhood in Colombia...



"My parents wanted to send me to a reformatory."

In five short years, 11-year-old John Jairo and his family have been displaced twice. Violence in their hometown forced the entire family to move the first time. John Jairo began acting out because of the sudden move. "My parents wanted to send me to a reformatory," he says...



Finding Hope in Christ

For many of us, emotional hardships draw us closer to God. That’s true for Santiago, an 11-year-old who lives with his mother and grandmother in Medellín, the second-largest city in Colombia. Santiago’s father recently left the family to pursue a relationship with another woman. He became angry and bitter at his father and held a strong grudge against him...



The Waiting Game

Faith and patience, two words that describe Pastor Custudio. “I accepted the Lord in my life when I was 29 years old and was struggling with alcoholism,” he begins. “A pastor told me that God was the only way out of my addiction, so I accepted Him. Right after my conversion, I told God that I wanted to serve Him.”...



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