God Changed My Stinking Thinking!

God Changed My Stinking Thinking!

Not many children in Nepal grow up in a Christian home, but Bilhana was one them. Even though she began learning about Jesus very young and regularly attended church with her family, she drifted away from her faith as she grew up.

“I disdained going to church,” she recalls. “I thought it meant I couldn’t enjoy life or do what I wanted to do. I felt being spiritual and ‘holy’ meant my dreams wouldn’t come true and I’d be unhappy for my entire life. Moreover, my best friends and the people whom I idolized did not like this ‘Jesus thing.’”

But something happened recently that caused her to say, “God changed my stinking thinking!”

Bilhana’s aunt invited her to attend a gathering of about 20 people to study the Bible. She accepted—and began taking part in a Project Philip Bible study.

“It was an interactive study, something that was very new to me,” she explains. “The question-and-answer session was like a breath of fresh air to my soul. It helped me to find answers to questions that I grappled with for so long. What does it mean to be a friend of God? and How can anyone have a personal relationship with Him? People prayed for each other's needs. I shared my needs without a bit of reluctance, though I have never shared my problems with anyone.

“I felt drawn to these Bible study booklets. I opened my Bible to find answers to the questions based on the Bible references. It was crystal clear! Since then, I have attended the Project Philip Bible study fellowship every week, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I accepted Jesus to be my Lord, my Guide, and my Everything.”

Today, Bilhana is leading a small group Project Philip Bible study of her own.

“I enjoy teaching people the Word of God that transforms lives. Thank you for the wonderful ministry you’re doing to reach people like me.”

As Bilhana engaged in God’s Word and came to truly understand it, she found new life if Jesus Christ and began to live out her faith. But many people across Nepal still need to know the Bible’s truths—and God’s love for them. Please help support Bible League International today to see more lives changed forever by the message of Jesus Christ.

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