From Oppression to Freedom in Christ

From Oppression to Freedom in Christ

“My name is Binsa,” begins the 18-year-old young woman who lives in central Nepal with her father, mother, and three younger sisters. “I was born in a Buddhist family, and was trapped by a demon spirit when I was 13 years old. I would run out of the house, fall into a trance, and get angry for no reason. I was often alone because I had no friends. People feared me because I was so unpredictable. I always felt very depressed and thought a lot about suicide. I had no control over my actions or words.”

Binsa’s troubles left her family feeling hopeless. They would visit temples and witchdoctors regularly in hopes of finding a cure. They also spent a lot of money at hospitals, but doctors also could not help.

“My parents were so tired of me and my sickness. Witchdoctors and hospitals were unable to cure me. I used to fall down everywhere and at any time.”

Then a friend of the family, a Christian, visited their home. He told Binsa’s parents about a church he was part of and her parents decided to attend. He assured them that God could help Binsa no matter what the problem was.

“He gave me a book and a Bible and shared with me about Jesus Christ who was Savior and Healer,” says Binsa. “I closed my eyes and prayed with him.”

The next day, she went to the first of many prayer meetings. “My faith in Jesus grew day by day,” she shares. “Days then weeks passed, and I suddenly realized I no longer was suffering from the oppressive thoughts and depression. I felt happy and at peace in my heart. God had freed me from the demonic oppression that had destroyed my life for five years.

“I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and God more than one year ago. Today I am healthy and go to church regularly. My family does not yet believe in Christ, but I’m praying that God would bring them to know Jesus.

“Thank you for reaching out to me in my helpless condition and offering me the Word of God. God has changed my life and I will always be grateful.”

Binsa found joy in Jesus Christ, because believers at a local church shared God’s Word with her—using the Bibles and training you help Bible League International to freely provide!

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