Bringing Jesus to the Koran Belt

February 18, 2020

In the center of Albania, a country smaller than the state of Indiana, a stretch of six cities is referred to as the Koran Belt. While the majority of the country practices Islam, in these six cities, the commitment to the Koran is uncompromising.

The environment is hostile towards Christianity. There is no church in the area, and it’s even hard for believers to find a suitable meeting place. But despite the pushback, the Gospel is spreading.

Christian is a pastor who was born and raised in Cerrik, one of the six towns in the Koran Belt. He is currently hosting a Project Philip Bible study for high schoolers, training them to lead Bible studies in their communities. “We already have six groups across several high schools,” he says. “I simply don’t have time to go to every village myself.” He has already seen massive success using Project Philip, with 80% of participants becoming believers through the study.

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