Children Love the Word of God

Woman in Armenia teaches kids the Gospel

April 6, 2020

Tamara, a Bible study teacher in Armenia.

There was a time Tamara would never have considered working with children in any way. But now, they are the joy of her life. She explains, “Before, I didn’t like children at all. I thought they were noisy and dirty. I hated it when they hadn’t washed their faces or had snotty noses. Everything they did just annoyed me.”

Her father helped her to change her mind. On his deathbed, he asked his daughter to make him a promise. He said to her, “Start learning from the Bible, and come to Christ.” So, Tamara went to seminary. She became involved in children’s ministry. She loved her work immediately. “I feel the blessings of God in my ministry now, and I’m glad to be able to serve the children. It’s impossible not to love them!”

Tamara teaching a lesson.

In time, a Bible League-trained church planter came to her church, and she was intrigued with Project Philip Bible studies for children. She now uses the lessons in her own ministry. After a few songs, she asks the children to share what they got out of the lesson.

Viktor, 10, eagerly responds. “My favorite story is about the resurrection of Jesus,” he says with a sweet, high voice. “On a Sunday morning, some women went to the grave to visit it and they saw that the stone was not there. And the grave was empty. But they saw an angel and they were afraid. That angel told them, ‘Don’t be afraid, Jesus is not here.’ And he said, ‘Go and say to the disciples of Jesus that He is risen from the dead.’”

Tamara is moved to tears. She says, “On behalf of our children, thank you for providing these Bibles and training. God’s Word is playing a significant role in the lives of our children. Some of the parents are reading the Gospel through the Children’s Bibles because its language is clear and simple. May God bless you all richly.”

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