Church Planter Success in India

The Gospel Spreads in a Dangerous Country

March 30, 2020

Pastor Olsi, who hosts a <em class=Pastor Vasudev, a Church Planter Training graduate in India." />

India is the tenth most dangerous place on earth for Christians according to the 2020 World Watch List. Thousands of violent attacks occur on believers each year.

But even with the threat of persecution, Christians in India are sharing the Gospel.

Vasudev is a 38-year-old husband and father of two. His mother lives with his family; his father died when he was young, leaving his family in severe financial trouble. At the time he was dealing with the death of his father, Vasudev was introduced to the Gospel by a friend.

He soon met his wife, a Christian woman from another town, but their trip to the altar was not without problems. During the wedding, religious extremists stopped the ceremony and handed over Vasudev to the local police. He was not arrested, but police gave him a firm warning: leave or this will continue. So they left.

After moving, Vasudev was given the opportunity to pastor a church with more than 200 members, most converts from Hinduism. “I was initially hesitant to take the position,” he says. “I was not confident and was nervous about being a pastor.”

He enrolled in Church Planter Training and his attitude was transformed. “Once I completed the training, God made me bold and confident,” he says. “The training equipped me with the knowledge of the Bible. The teachers have been very helpful; when I approach them, they have always helped me, prayed with me, and encouraged me.”

Vasudev and members of his church have seen the power of Jesus firsthand through multiple healings in their congregation. But they have also faced constant backlash. “Several times, religious extremists have threatened us for continuing the church,” he says. “It’s now been over four years [at this church]; God has been our strength. He has helped me overcome every challenge as I pastor this church.”

Vasudev is beyond grateful for Bible League International’s support of his ministry. “I preach the simple message of the Bible. I use John 3:16 to reach new believers,” he says. “They need to understand the Bible to grow in Christ. I thank Bible League for providing us with Bibles and resources that help us study God’s Word.”

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