Confident in God's Word

Confident in God's Word

Regina grew up in Kenya's Laikipia County, nestled in the middle of five children. She knows all too well what it is like growing up in a volatile region. She lives in a community where people are often attacked and robbe-especially for their livestock. Regina's family experienced the worst possible scenario. Regina explains quietly, "My beloved father was murdered when I was very young, forcing my mother to raise her three sons and two daughters single-handedly."

Her family were believers, and their faith helped them cope with his death. She is grateful that she was about to finish high school when so many of her community were not because of the random violence.

"I learned so many things about the Word of God, and I am excited to share them!"

Regina, now 36, runs a hair salon. She and her family members attend church every week, and Regina loves studying God's Word. She admits, however, that she was confused about what some of the things she was reading meant. When church leaders announced Project Philip Bible studies would soon be available at their tiny church, Regina was one of the first to sign up. She puts it this way, "Even though I was already a believer, I did not know God's Word and I had a strong desire to both know it and understand it. Once I started the Bible studies, many things became clear to me."

Going through Project Philip Bible studies has given Regina the confidence to share the Gospel with others. She giggles as she says, "I learned so many things about the Word of God, and I am excited to share them! I am telling other people in my community to attend the program. I will also encourage them to keep going so they can experience the type of transformation I have received."

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