Devoted Teacher Helps Children

Kids learning about Jesus through Project Philip

June 22, 2020

Teacher in Ghana teaching children the Gospel.

On a cloudy morning in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, you can hear the sounds of children praising the Lord. In a chorus of voices, children of all ages sing together: “…it’s a great thing to serve the Lord…walking in the light of God…” Their sounds of worship take place in an area called Lapas, in a church made of wood with a tin roof. Teacher Grace leads them in a Project Philip Bible study lesson for children.

She asks, “Who created the earth?” and they enthusiastically raise their hands. One eager participant is seven-year-old Perry. “I have learned how to grow in Christ using the Friends Forever book,” he says. “I liked the stories in the book like the man and the son.”

When asked what he would like to say to all who made it possible for him to have a Bible of his own and booklets to study from, Perry has a simple message: “Thank you.”

After spending the entire morning on her feet, Teacher Grace finally has a chance to sit down. It is easy to see why the children love her so much; she has a soothing voice and a warm persona. She comes from the Volta region of Ghana and has been teaching children for more than a decade. She first trained to become a Project Philip Bible study leader for children in 2019.

She explains, “Project Philip gives a perfect step-by-step plan of what a child needs to know. It equips children with the knowledge they need to have before accepting Jesus Christ.”

She is pleased with the change she sees in these young lives. Even their parents have commented to her about the transformation they’ve seen in their children. She says with a wink, “One particular child’s parents wanted to understand what we were doing in class, so I invited them to come. Now they are reading their Bible in the morning and taking it seriously.”

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