Devoted Trainer Spreads Hope

Full-Time Student Teaching Others Through Bible-Based Literacy, Project Philip

February 5, 2020

Keval is a Bible-based literacy teacher in Nepal.

Keval is a Bible League-trained Literacy instructor living in Nepal. “My pastor suggested to me that I become a literacy trainer, teaching people how to read and write using God’s Word in English,” he shares. “I’m glad I made this decision because it has truly blessed my life. I’m proud to be a trainer!”

Keval is 23 years old, married to Mandira, and is also studying at the university. He successfully manages being a full-time student and a literacy instructor. He was concerned about making ends meet since he had little time to work. But his parents and his church came together to make sure he would be comfortable. His parents told him he would not have to worry about earning money.

He reveals, “My parents are very happy with the work I am doing. They said, ‘You don’t worry about earning a living. We will earn money for you so you can keep doing the work of God. That is our greatest joy.’”

This gesture was even more meaningful to Keval because his mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. “I came to faith through my mother,” he says softly. “I started to go to church with her, and my faith grew daily. She was very comfortable going to church even though we come from a staunch Hindu family. Many of our relatives hated us and looked at us with contempt. But I loved church, the music, and Bible studies.”

Keval also completed Project Philip Bible studies and loves teaching teenagers. His face lights up when he talks about it. “My calling is to minister among the students and teach them the Word of God,” he beams. “Thank you for providing the Bibles and training to help me become a leader among the youth of my church. My passion is reaching my peers using both Project Philip and Bible-based Literacy!”

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