Digging Deeply into God’s Word

Bible study held in Armenia

June 22, 2020

Bible study leader in Armenia.

In a modest home where fruit trees adorn a tiny garden, a middle-aged couple prepares for a Project Philip Bible study lesson. In Yeghvard, a rural town in Armenia, they have opened their home for a Bible League-trained church planter named Astghik. She has started this Bible study for a group of about 20 people. What is special about this group of believers is many of them are related, already bonded in love and care for one another.

After a few moments of socializing, the group prepares for the lesson. They come not only to see family, but to hear a message of hope. One says, “I came to the Lord many years ago, but I’ve joined this Bible study for my spiritual growth. The lessons are very useful.”

Astghik, the daughter-in-law of the homeowners, stands and starts the evening’s lesson. She hands out the booklets and asks people to turn to chapter six, “Jesus Christ Crucified.” The women are all eager to testify to the work of the Lord in their lives.

Group meeting in Armenia.

One bursts, “Words cannot describe the joy and the love I found while reading the Word of God!” Another talks about the struggle she had with the doctrines of her previous faith. And another recently widowed woman discusses the divine consolation she’s received from the Lord.

Astghik shares about the pain Jesus endured. She observes, “It’s good to contemplate the pain and suffering Jesus Christ went through. Can you imagine what it would mean for us if He hadn’t given His life for us?”

Woman praising in Armenia.

The class is grateful for the Word of God Astghik can share with them as she works to plant a church. Thinking about those who provide the Bibles and training to Astghik and others in Armenia, one Bible study participant notes, “We are grateful for your eagerness to invest in the Good News of Christ for us and our nation. May God give you strength and faithfulness and the guidance of the Holy Spirit!”

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