Discovering Jesus in Prison

January 3, 2020

Domingos has never known city life, as his small village in Mozambique's Magude District has always been home. At 17 years old, Domingos dropped out of school to help take care of the family farm and their herd of cows. But just a few years later, tragedy struck when Domingos's father died.

Today, he's 31-years-old. His three older brothers work in the mines of South Africa and his three sisters have all married. Domingos remained at home, taking care of the farm with his mother who is in her seventies. But recently, he sold a bull that didn't belong to him. When the authorities discovered this, he was put in prison.

Not long ago, a believer came to the prison and told the prisoners about Project Philip Bible studies and invited them to join. Domingos decided that he wanted to try it out. He explains, "Before, I had never attended a church. But gradually, I started to enjoy the Bible study."

Through studying God's Word, Domingos learned that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. "I also learned that whoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life," he says.

Discovering Jesus in Prison

But when he read Exodus 20:15—"You shall not steal"—he felt God speaking to him. Domingos says, "I confess that I am in this place because I did steal. I was deeply touched, and I cried when I read that verse. I began to understand that God speaks to us through the Bible."

Domingos continues to grow in his faith through studying God's Word. He plans to tell his brothers, sisters, and mom about his new life in Christ. Domingos beams, "Paul found Jesus on the road to Damascus, and I found Jesus in Magude prison. Thank you for sending people who bring the light of the Gospel to prisoners like me."

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