Discovering the Truth

At 38 years old, Andrew from Lusaka, Zambia, has already lived many hard years. He explains sadly, "I was raised by my sisters. Unfortunately, one of my sisters and my parents died from tuberculosis."

In his past, Andrew used to swindle people out of their money by promising he would buy passports and drivers' licenses for them. As a result, this vice brought him many problems and forced him to turn to witchcraft for protection. He admits, "The witchdoctors used to give me bad potions to use on my victims, but to my surprise, they never worked."

His heart was troubled. And he often wondered where he could find help, until he met an old friend who invited Andrew to a Project Philip Bible study at his home. Andrew explains, "It's in this place that I discovered the truth about life and made the decision to follow Christ."

That decision had a profound influence on Andrew. He says, "I gave my life to Christ. After the meeting, I asked my friend to help me find all the people I cheated to ask for forgiveness."

Now, his life is not the same because Christ lives in him. He beams, "My life has changed for the better. I have committed myself to church instead of swindling people. I'm now encouraging my friends who are still engaging in such conduct to change and follow Christ."

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