Drug Addict Finds Christ

Man in Nicaragua changes his life

November 11, 2019

Wilmer's life changed when he found God.

Only a few months ago, Wilmer’s life was spiraling out of control in Cristo Rey, Nicaragua. The 30-year-old father of six had gone from smoking pot to smoking crack. He spent little time with his family and what tiny amount of cash he made selling ice cream, or “Eskimos” as it’s known in Nicaragua, paid for his drugs. Despite this life, Daisy, his Christ-following girlfriend, never abandoned him. He recalls, “Daisy had hope that I would change.”

From an early age, Wilmer wanted to do what the grownups were doing. His rebellion only grew and, by 13, he left his parents’ house so he could be on his own. At 17, he was already a single dad doing drugs. He explains, “That’s when I started selling Eskimos on the streets and met Daisy. Together, we had five more children.” Wilmer grew up without fatherly love and continued this cycle with his own children. He spent little time with his kids and turned down Daisy’s invitations to church.

But when he recently had a health scare with his heart, he cried out to God, “Jesus, if you heal this pain and give me another opportunity, I will serve you.” After he was feeling better, Wilmer kept his promise. He threw out the rest of his drugs and finally accepted Daisy’s invitation to go to her church. He says, “There I received Christ into my heart.”

Shortly after, the pastor, who is also a Bible League-trained church planter, invited Wilmer to study God’s Word through Project Philip. He readily agreed. “Daisy, our children, and I started to study the Bible. I know I need to continue studying and never distance myself from the Lord.”

God and His Word have helped Wilmer to turn from his addictions and start a new life. Today, he and Daisy are married, and he enjoys spending time with his family. He notes with a smile, “I know that God loves me a lot, and I receive that love, so that I can love my children as they deserve it.”

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