MAY 18-19, 2020

Dr. Phil Collins

Executive Director of the Center for Scripture Engagement, Taylor University


When: May 18-19, 2020

Where: Bible League International 3801 Eagle Nest Drive, Crete, IL

Cost: $20

Presenter: Dr. Phil Collins, Executive Director of the Center for Scripture Engagement, Taylor University


Bible League International has partnered with Dr. Phil Collins of Taylor University to host a two-day conference designed to teach pastors and church leaders Scripture engagement practices, things they can use in their own studies and can pass on to their churches. The conference will feature:


  • Presentations from Dr. Collins: Dr. Collins is a hands-on, captivating instructor who has been teaching Scripture engagement practices for many years, helping believers and church leaders grow in their faith.


  • Panel Discussions: Ministry leaders will give insights into their own journey with Scripture engagement.


  • Introduction to proven evangelism tools: Participants will have the opportunity to test evangelism tools from Bible League International. These tools have helped grow churches around the globe for decades.


  • Fellowship and networking: Participants will connect with pastors and church leaders from around the area, building a community of support as they begin these new practices.


Dr. Collins has been a full-time professor at Taylor University since 1999. He is the Executive Director of the Center for Scripture Engagement, and for more than a decade has presented scripture engagement practices to pastors and church leaders around the world.


Bible League International’s mission is to serve the under-resourced Church with Bibles and training to transform lives through God’s Word worldwide. Through Bible translations, Bible study materials and training programs, Bible League International strives to see thriving churches around the world with members deeply engaged in God’s Word and a relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to truly changed lives.

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