India CropPooja has endured a lot of suffering in her young life in India. Only 12, the shy girl lost her mother at age 3. From a young age, she was responsible for all the chores and cooking for her household, which includes her grandmother and older brother. Not long ago, she lost her father in a cyclone. She was devasted by this tragedy.

When the lockdown shut down schools, Daniel, a neighbor in his 20s, decided to start a Bible-based Literacy class for local children and teenagers. After hearing the little girl’s story, Daniel invited Pooja to join them.

The class served as a lifeline for young Pooja. No longer alone, the young girl made new friends and learned to sing with classmates. She began inviting her friends to attend classes with her. She says gratefully, “I learned many things in the classes. Daniel taught me and encouraged me to study.” Little by little, Pooja started overcoming her shy nature, and her new friendships helped her cope with her recent loss.

Her teacher has also seen the positive effect of the literacy classes on his students. He comments, “I believe God’s Word ministered to their hearts. I’m so happy we started this.”

Hopeful about her future, Pooja looks forward to helping others as a nurse in her small village. “I want to serve other people,” she smiles.