Armenia Crop“My parents were worried about my behavior, but they had no solution for me,” begins 15-year-old Angela in Armenia’s Zoravan village. “They wanted to help me, but I refused to listen to their advice. Things went from bad to worse, life became a drag to me, and I didn’t trust anyone anymore.”

Angela had idols among Armenian and international pop stars. She dreamt about them and was passionate about them. This obsession somehow made Angela disrespectful to her parents, rude to her friends, and violent to her sister.

Then one of her friends invited her to a Christian Christmas event. It turned out to be a fantastic event for Angela, and she felt that the people there were loving and sincere. They gave her a booklet called Questions and Answers from Bible League Armenia. Angela loves reading, so she was glad to start studying something new. Indeed, it was full of exciting questions and answers for Angela. She learned more about the love of Jesus, the One deserving a “superstar” title compared to her other idols. While learning more about Christ’s love and greatness, she felt hunger inside to know more about Him, so she continued to study the Bible.

Her heart full of questions, Angela joined a Bible League Project Philip Bible study group. “I haven’t missed a single meeting,” she says. “The first booklet we studied was called, Who is God. It made me discover that God has a plan for my life. I also understood why Jesus died for me. I learned to pray, and I learned many things about Jesus that I hadn’t heard before. During the Bible study, I decided to give my life to Jesus. He has changed my life through His Word. One of the things I learned was that we need to flee from idolatry. I realized that people could also be idols. I asked God to help me and to free me from those pop idols that I had. God heard me and helped me.”

Angela also finally realized how important it is to respect her parents. She went to them and her sister to ask for forgiveness. They were touched and realized that God had changed her life. God filled her empty life.

“I thank all those people who are helping to provide these amazing booklets from the Bible League. Many thanks to all of you. Through these study materials, my eyes were opened to see God and to receive Him in my life. I am sure that these can be helpful for others also. May God bless all of you. Thank you for the wonderful Project Philip Bible study program.”