Samuel de GhanaSamuel, 13, is a student from the Zongo community in Asamankese, Ghana. He lived aggressively, always fighting his friends. “Before joining my Bible study group, I was known for starting confrontations at school and home every day,” he says.

He discovered one of God’s commandments to love his neighbors as himself. It saddened him as he realized he didn’t obey this commandment. He decided from that day to change and love others like himself. Through God’s grace, he stopped fighting at school and home.

Now Samuel participates in Bible studies without causing problems for his family. He says, “I say a big thank you to all of you. This Bible will help me read more about Jesus Christ and learn about the Christian prayers.”

Samuel requests prayer for more understanding when reading the Bible. He wants to reach his friends in the neighborhood with his Bible League study booklets. “I ask Bible League to pray for boldness that I may do this for God’s glory.”