A Beacon of Faith and Hope in Nepal

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The Early Years

Pastor Budha’s journey from a humble beginning to a church planter serves as a beacon of faith and hope for many searching for solace in the heart of Nepal. Along his journey, he was guided by divine grace through trials and triumphs.

The early years of his life were steeped in struggle and the traditions of his Hindu family. His parents, devout followers of their ancestral faith, found themselves ensnared in a cycle of tragic losses. Seven of their nine children died shortly after their births. Pastor Budha and his older brother were the only siblings who survived.

In their quest for a miracle, his parents encountered the Christian faith when two courageous men shared the Gospel messages of John 3:16 and John 10:10. “Christ came to bless and save us,” the men proclaimed. This revelation led Pastor Budha’s parents to embrace Christianity.

Persecution soon followed. The village leaders expelled the family, branding them as outcasts for abandoning Hinduism. “You have embraced the religion of cow-eaters. Will you forsake this foreign religion, or will you leave the village?” the leaders demanded.

Pastor Budha’s parents stood firm, replying, “No, we will not leave Jesus Christ.”

Forced to leave their village, they embarked on a 10-day journey on foot to seek refuge with a pastor in western Nepal.

Call to Ministry

“I grew up knowing that I was alive because of the grace of Jesus Christ,” Pastor Budha recalls. It’s a sentiment instilled in him by his parents. His calling to serve was evident from an early age, but financial hardships forced him to seek work in India. When he left Nepal, he left behind his education and spiritual aspirations. In India, a pastor’s wife rekindled his calling when she told him, “Son, there is no point in your staying here and working like this. I have seen a vision for you, that you should return to Nepal and do ministry there.”  

Her words compelled him to return to Nepal with his family to fulfill his divine mission.

Back in Nepal, Pastor Budha and his family faced skepticism and hardships, yet they persevered, establishing a small restaurant named ‘Believer’s Restaurant.’ This humble establishment became the foundation of their ministry, allowing them to share the Gospel with their customers and gradually build a congregation. It grew so quickly that they needed to build a bigger building. Eventually, they closed the food business and began doing ministry full time.

Despite challenges, their faith never wavered, and their church grew to over 200 members.

Bible League’s Church Planter Training was crucial in equipping Pastor Budha with the skills needed for effective ministry. The training prepared him for exciting opportunities that God had planned. It enabled him to plant a second church and expand his mission to other villages.

Healing and Deliverance

“Our small church has now grown significantly,” Pastor Budha proudly shares. “Weekly house fellowships, fasting and prayer sessions, and worship services have strengthened our community. The Church Panter Training is very good. We receive enough knowledge about baptizing, evangelizing, and building a sound scriptural foundation for ministry.”

With God’s power working in us, he can do much, much more than anything we can ask or think of.” Ephesians 3:20 ERV

Despite legal restrictions on preaching in Nepal, especially against evangelizing, Pastor Budha and his congregation share God’s Word, seizing the Christmas season as an opportunity for open evangelism. Their church has become a sanctuary for those seeking deliverance from evil spirits, healing from sickness, and relief from various troubles. “Many people come to us in despair, and through prayer, we see God’s healing and peace manifest in their lives,” Pastor Budha notes.

God has used Pastor Budha—and your generosity— to expand His Church in Nepal in ways Pastor Budha never imagined.


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Pastor Budha (in a blue-collared shirt) stands with a few church members outside their church. In Nepal, where Christianity is a minority religion and anti-conversion laws have intensified persecution, these faithful individuals continue to gather and worship.

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After the church service, people enjoy refreshments on a hot day in western Nepal.

A Growing Community

Through your generous donations, Pastor Budha’s church has grown and attracts individuals seeking a way out of poverty, despair, and spiritual bondage. The growth continues and the opportunities abound across this community and Nepal as a whole. “This life of ministry, despite its hardships, is far more fulfilling,” he says. His journey is a testament to the power of faith and the enduring grace of God.