Smiling Portrait Of 16 Year Old Njabulo.At just 16 years old, Njabulo in South Africa has a deep dedication to God.

“Time with Jesus is never wasted,” she boldly proclaims. But it wasn’t always that way. Njabulo has attended church for a while, but her eyes were truly opened to the Gospel when she attended a Bible League Project Philip Bible study.

“This So Choose Life Bible study booklet is amazing—my mind was blown away by lesson one,” she says. “I started to appreciate God and how He created me. As we delved deeper into the booklet, Jesus’ example revolutionized my life.”

Many teenagers in Njabulo’s village are not interested in the Gospel. Most villagers still follow the traditional belief system of the Ndebele culture that goes against the Word of God. “The Ndebele is a tribe that is caught between modernization and tradition,” she says. “People practice traditional religions, especially ancestral veneration, but profess Christianity.”

She continues, “Most young people in our village lost control of their lives. Having lost interest in schooling, they prefer hanging out on the streets, living aimless lives. Substance abuse among the youth is very rife, and many are into alcohol consumption.”

Despite the actions of her classmates, Njabulo remains focused on studying God’s Word and her schoolwork. “One visible change in my life through Project Philip studies is that, previously, I did not have time for God. I had the Bible but I did not read it,” she says. “Now, I have learned that spending time with God in His Word is very important.”

Her family is impressed by her dedication to God and encourages her. “They are impressed by my attitude toward God, as I used to question God’s existence and reality a lot,” she says. “My family is impressed that I attend church regularly. The change in my life makes them proud.”

Njabulo expresses gratitude to Bible League donors who make it possible for her, and others like her, to have access to God’s Word. “I want to thank you for what you are doing. Your contribution to making the Bible accessible and available for people in remote areas like mine is an investment that can never be forgotten,” she says. “May the Lord bless you and enlarge your passion for the forgotten masses of the world.”