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“Get up, Ezra. This is your responsibility, but we will support you. So be brave and do it.”

Ezra 10:4 ERV


Sometimes, you just have to get up and do what you have to do.

Ezra had a tough job. He had been sent to teach the resettled exiles in Jerusalem the law of God. But when he got there, he found that the people, in less than two generations of freedom, had already returned to the sins of their forefathers that had gotten them exiled in the first place. Have you ever had an experience like that? Have you been given a task, but the mountain you are up against gives you a sinking feeling inside?

Perhaps like Ezra, you fled to the Lord and prayed to Him about the situation (Ezra 9). You had told Him that you were sorry for the way things turned out. It was supposed to have been different. It was supposed to have been better. The Lord had been merciful and had opened the door to a fresh start. Indeed, He had opened the door to a whole new chapter of life. At first, everything seemed like it would turn out well, but then it all turned bad. Many of the people you had counted on failed to come through. In fact, they did more to undermine the whole project than to help it along.

Worse, it was your responsibility. The Lord had put you in charge and it was your responsibility to make sure that things turned out well. You began with great hope and expectation. You took command and made sure that everyone knew what they had to do. You promised that if they would do what had to be done the Lord would bless the effort. That’s why it was so painful when they failed to come through. When Ezra returned to Jerusalem, it was made known to him that the Jews had intermarried with pagan foreigners, and that the officials and chief men of the city were the guiltiest ones. He was grieved to the heart over this. He publicly prostrated himself before the Lord in prayer, confessing this sin of the people.

That’s why you also fled to the Lord in prayer. You knew that you needed the help and the mercy of the Lord.

The time for prayer, however, is over. In the context of our verse of the day, the people are ready to repent and separate from the pagans. And so, one of the leaders calls Ezra to get up from the ground and begin the job. He is hopeful that in repentance, God will be merciful.

You did the right thing. You turned to the Lord first. But now it’s time to get up from prayer and take control of the situation. Yes, it will be difficult. But it has to be done. Can’t you see that the Lord has already begun to help? He has inspired all those that have stayed true to the project to get up and finish what was started. You won’t have to do it alone. They are ready for you to take charge again and to show them what to do. They are calling for you, encouraging you, and pledging their support.

So get up. Get up from your prayers. Turn back to the task at hand. Once more take hold of the reins of responsibility and do what has to be done.

God is saying to you, “Just be brave and do it.”