Evangelizing in Haiti with Church Planter Training

The Gospel is spreading in Haiti

June 15, 2020

Inacio is sharing the Gospel through Project Philip.

Inacio’s childhood was unstable. His parents were not married, and soon after he was born, his father and mother separated, living in different homes with new spouses. Inacio bounced back and forth his entire life, feeling unloved and forgotten.

In high school, his aunt took him to a non-denominational church. It was different than the churches he’d been to before. That day, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Inacio graduated high school and paid his way through college by tutoring students. He then began working in his church’s evangelism outreach ministry. A friend suggested he attend Bible League’s Church Planter Training. “The training made me see another facet of evangelism,” he says. “Honestly, I realized I did not know anything about evangelism. The program taught me a simple yet effective way to reach people, and I have seen tremendous results."

He is now leading multiple Project Philip Bible study groups at his church. “The people that I have reached through Project Philip love the resources,” he says. Inacio’s area is very remote and impoverished. There is no electricity and no drinking water. The roads are in terrible shape and are almost impassable when it rains. But his students continue to come to class, even bringing friends, despite the conditions. “God is overcoming these challenges for us, and we hope more people will open their hearts to Him.”

Inacio has completed Project Philip Bible studies with 21 people and has trained multiple Philips (Project Philip leaders). Six people have accepted Christ. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he continued his Church Planter Training courses online. He prays that Bible League’s ministry will continue in his country because he sees the impact, saying the ministry has reached all 10 of the country’s departments.

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