Family Bonds Through Project Philip

Parents dedicated to sharing the Word of God with children, community

January 13, 2020

The Word of God is essential to building a strong family bond. In Santiago, Chile, Alvaro and his wife Andrea host Project Philip Bible studies with their four children each week. The couple participated in a Project Philip in church, where Alvaro actually found Christ, then were baptized together and excited to share the Word of God in their home. “Project Philip showed me Jesus Christ clearly,” Alvaro says. “It has changed our social life and our family.”

Andrea agrees. “I never thought I could work for the Kingdom of the Lord,” she says. “But Project Philip helps create a connection with God. One opens himself up truly to God through these studies.”

David, 11, their oldest child, loves to read his Bible. “I learn new things about God that I didn’t know before the class,” he says. “I pray with my brothers every day.”

The family invites neighbors and other family members to join; Alvaro’s mother found Christ through watching her son’s transformation. Project Philip is truly changing an entire community in the heart of Chile.

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