Finding Christ in Quarantine

Man's wife helps lead him to Jesus

May 25, 2020

Azat pictured with his family.

Azat, a 64-year-old husband and father, has lived a lonely life. He lives in Armenia, where the socio-economic status of the area forces men to travel for work, leaving their families behind for months at a time. Azat and his sons travel to Russia for work for most of the year.

During their most recent trip, something was different. Azat’s wife told him over the phone that she had given her life to Christ. She encouraged her husband to open his heart to the Lord.

“Honestly, I was not able to understand anything of this. But I love my wife and I thought there is no need to stop her,” he says. “I also noticed that my wife was not the same. Before, when I called her on the phone, she would only talk about the difficulties and sometimes she would blame me for not being home. But after she became a believer, she was often very happy and encouraging to me. She told me that God is almighty and she even said she was praying for me and my sons. This was so good to me!"

While Azat was working in Russia, the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading around the world, causing nationwide shutdowns and travel restrictions. Azat rushed home, leaving his sons to work to provide income for the entire family.

“When I came back from Russia, and when quarantine life started, I sensed the warmth in my family. My wife was very affectionate, and she created a wonderful atmosphere. She shared with all of us, our daughters-in-law and our grandchildren, about the lessons she learned in her Project Philip Bible study."

Local Christian brothers began visiting Azat and teaching him about the Word of God. He did one-on-one Bible studies with one of the men during quarantine. His wife continued to encourage him, helping him through the booklets and teaching him about prayer.

When his wife completed her Project Philip Bible study, she received her first Bible. Seeing the Word of God struck a chord with Azat.

“That day, when I saw the Bible, I knew I needed to have my own for when I would go back to Russia,” he says. “That special day, I decided to follow Christ. The brother helped me to pray and invite Jesus Christ into my life. Something happened to me. I felt an unusual joyful feeling."

He continues, “I expressed my desire to have a Bible for myself. My wife said lovingly, ‘You can have mine.’ I was so happy about that. I took the Bible and put it to my heart and I was so happy to have my own Bible. To me, the Word of God is the only authority."

Azat’s life and family have changed because of the Lord. Spending so much time together during quarantine has brought his family even closer.

“Having spent most of my lifetime in Russia, I never knew what a true family atmosphere was. Now, quarantine forces me to stay home, but I feel lucky because I can enjoy my family,” he says. “I can feel the love from my wife, my daughters-in-law, and my grandchildren. The most important fact is that I have peace inside.”

Azat’s sons are still working in Russia. For now, they are the family’s only source of income. Azat and his family in Armenia can only work in their garden to sell vegetables. “Praise the Lord that He provides us our daily bread. He does not leave us in this crisis,” Azat says.

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