Finding Faith in Prison

A man's time in prison leads him to Christ

February 10, 2020

Oscar, a believer in Ghana.

Though 27-year-old Oscar grew up in a Christian family in the Upper West Region of Ghana, he didn’t understand what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus Christ—until he went to jail. A few years ago, Oscar worked for a mobile phone company, and he got into trouble when he made the wrong decision to replace a friend’s sim card. Unfortunately, Oscar’s friend lied.

He recalls, “That wasn’t his card, but it was his employer’s. He then went and withdrew a large amount of money without the employer’s permission.” When the truth came out, Oscar was liable and charged with aiding and abetting. He notes, “I tried to find the man, but the efforts deemed fruitless. At the time, I couldn’t repay the money. Therefore, I was taken to court.” Oscar pled guilty and was sentenced to 27 months in Tamale Central Prison.

One day, a pastor came to the prison to share the Gospel, and he encouraged Oscar to join a Project Philip Bible study there. He regularly began going to the study and really enjoyed the Prison Bible he received. He says, “What I liked the most about that Bible is that it’s easy to read and the lessons are easy to understand. Having the lessons in the Prison Bible has helped us to understand what we are reading and equipped us with how to share God’s Word with other inmates.”

Oscar served 18 months in prison before he was released. Though he still faces stigmas for being in jail, he was able to get a new job through believers who helped to lead Project Philip Bible studies within the prison. But above all, the greatest blessing to him is God’s Word. He beams, “The Prison Bible has changed a lot of Ghanaian inmates, both spiritually and mentally. It’s the Prison Bible that brought hope and transformation to those who felt rejected.”


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