Finding Help in Difficult Situations

“My character was not easy,” she says. “I was a woman of principles. I had a proud heart and I wasn't docile at all. Because of that, I didn't accept any advice, even if it was useful."

But in the face of unexplainable health problems and near-death experiences, Shoghik quickly found humility.

Need for Hope

Shoghik got extremely ill. Though she felt weak and had terrible headaches, doctors couldn’t find any cause. “I was surprised because I always thought nothing bad could happen to me,” she says. “I wasted money in hospitals and nothing happened."

While dealing with her health issues, Shoghik’s son was in a terrible car accident. Doctors were shocked that her son was still alive, but even though he survived, his situation seemed hopeless. One doctor told Shoghik the only thing she could do was pray.

“When I saw my son in the hospital, and when I saw the car, I realized that something supernatural had happened,” she says. “It seemed impossible that anyone would survive such a bad accident.”

A lady from their local church, Heriqnaz, came to visit in the hospital. She began talking about Jesus and told the family that He had the power to heal. She prayed for the family, and days later, God responded.

“When the doctor checked my son, he said his health situation had miraculously improved,” she says. “Dazzled and full of joy, I ran to sister Heriqnaz to thank her and bombard her with questions about Christ. I wanted to know the God who helped my son.”

Growing Faith

Shoghik joined the church and a Project Philip Bible study, eager to learn about the God of miracles. Her Bible study group became like a family, and soon Shoghik had confided in them about her own health struggles. After much prayer, doctors discovered a heart condition was at the root of her problems. She needed surgery but had no money to pay for it. Her group prayed for some type of solution. “My faith had become so strong that I didn't doubt God would care for me,” she says.

Soon after, a humanitarian group sent doctors to her area, and they were able to perform the surgery.

Shoghik has seen firsthand the impact of God, in more ways than one. The Bibles and training that you provide are creating communities of believers around the world.

“It is amazing how God is helping me in difficult situations,” she says. “He has changed my life through the Project Philip lessons. I am very thankful to Bible League International for their literature and for our wonderful Bible study group.“

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