Finding Joy in the Lord

Finding Joy in the Lord

For many years, Blerand resisted Jesus Christ. He comes from a Muslim family in Albania, but he never had much faith at all. Like many, Blerand lived with kindness. He cared for his family and others and didn't cause problems. "That's why I thought I was okay without faith," he notes.

Blerand's wife, however, is a believer who regularly goes to church. Initially, he tried to persuade her to stop going. He'd tell her that she was wasting her time. But she didn't listen. He explains, "She was very patient and loving and kept telling me about the Gospel." When the family's financial situation turned difficult, Blerand often felt desperate. However, his wife amazed him with her optimism, confidence, and invited Blerand to pray with her about it.

Through reading the Bible I began to know God more personally.

Recently, Blerand's wife helped plant a new church in the area. Members there invited him to come play music for them. He says, "I thought playing some music wouldn't harm me, so I went." When Blerand arrived, he was impressed by the great love he saw in people's eyes. One of the leaders invited him to be part of a Project Philip Bible study group. And soon he was learning more about God.

He says, "At the end of the study, a Bible was given to me as a gift. Through reading the Bible I began to know God more personally." Not long after, Blerand asked the Lord to forgive him and a great joy filled his heart. He beams, "Thank you for this opportunity because through the Bible, you gave me life." Now, Blerand leads worship at church and hopes to share God's Word with others.

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